How To Repost On Instagram: 3 Unbreakable Rules

Have you ever tried to repost something on Instagram?

If so, then you know it is a great way to add value to your audience’s lives when you have no ideas for new content or just for some reason you can’t create it at the moment.

And if you repost from the right people, it is also going to help you build relationships with them and lend some collaborations in the future.

It is something that you can and even should try. However, when done wrong, reposting can kill your brand.

So, how to repost on Instagram ethically, and what are the rules that you need to follow? That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this blog post.

Are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Rule #1: Always Credit The Creator

Example of a repost on Instagram by hubgain

This is a must. You can’t claim content from somebody else as your own. Not only it would KILL your reputation because your followers will find out it’s not yours, but it’s also against Instagram’s policies and it can get you banned.

It is not necessary that you ask the creator of the post for permission to share it, even though it is better if you do. But you must credit them.

And yes, if for some reason the creator messages you and requests you to take down the post, you should do it.

However, the likelihood of that happening is really low as they are all generally more than happy for the extra exposure you give to their account.

There are 2 ways you should always credit the creator of the post when you repost something on Instagram.

First of all, you should mention them in the caption of the content and tell everybody this is a repost from such and such.

It can be done at the beginning or at the end. But it must be there.

Second of all, you should tag them in the post itself.

That way, it is going to be clear who has really created the post. Remember, nothing can ruin your reputation faster than stealing content and claiming somebody else’s work as your own.

This rule is something that must be always followed. However, there are some other rules you must keep in mind when reposting on Instagram…

Rule #2: Repost Only Relevant Content

Just like with the image that I shared in the first rule of reposting Instagram content, the post that you repost must be relevant to your dream customer’s wants and needs.

When you repost something that is irrelevant, it is going to lead to a disaster.

No reach, no engagement, no nothing. Just because something is viral doesn’t mean you should repost it. Just because something is performing well, doesn’t mean you should repost it…

…you should only repost it if it is relevant to your target audience. That way you are going to continuously serve your dream customers and get results.

Also, you should use a tool that is going to help you repost the post with the highest quality possible.

Now, if there is nothing that is relevant and adding value – you don’t repost it. It is dead simple. You’ll just have to create your own content.

And that leads me to the third rule of how to ethically repost content on Instagram…

Rule #3: Don’t Let Reposting Become Your Content Strategy

This is something extremely important to remember.

The moment you let reposting become your content strategy is the moment your Instagram marketing will start generating so low results you’ll want to give up.

Of course, sometimes it can get you a ton of reach. But it builds ZERO authority, zero trust, and in the end, next to zero sales.

Why? Because none of the content is yours. It’s from other people.

The exposure you get is basically going to promote only the brands that you repost content from and help them build a stronger presence in the market.

It won’t help you as much as you promote “competitors” all the time. Why would somebody want to buy from you when they can buy from one of the people you repost Instagram content from?

There is no reason. They proved they know their stuff. You didn’t.

And that’s why you need your own content strategy.

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