Instagram Marketing For Beginners: 5 Best Tips

As you likely heard before, Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to reach your dream customers online.

Not that only there is no cost to entry but Instagram has a great organic reach.

Also, Instagram is used by virtually anybody. It has over 1 billion users!

That means your dream customers are there. And you need to reach them.

In this article I am going to show you how to do it. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in.

1. Keep Your Integrity

Why would I share this as the N.1. tip? It’s because if you don’t have integrity, you’re never going to have trust and nobody will listen or buy from you.

Integrity means talking ONLY about things you’re experienced with.

For example, if you never made a high ticket sale before, it is super unethical for you to share content about how to make high-ticket sales.

And on and on.

If you never done what you’re about to talk about, STOP and don’t do it.

That’s because nobody is going to trust you, even though your advice might be good, and for sure nobody is going to buy.

It’s extremely important to keep it in mind.

Just ask yourself, would you listen to David Beckham talking about how to play basketball?

Of course not! He isn’t the right person to listen to when it comes to this topic.

However, I bet you would listen to LeBron James, right?

That’s because it is in his field. He is a true pro and he has proved it. That’s why people listen.

So, before you even begin, keep your integrity.

2. Optimize Your Profile

This is another extremely important step that you need to take.

There are only 2 ways to grow on Instagram and get new followers. The first is to reach more people and drive more people to your profile.

Another way is to increase the number of people who hit the follow button.

And that’s why you need to optimize your profile.

Optimizing your profile is going to help you make more of your dream customers follow you and find you.

Plus, all of the things are going to happen on autopilot.

And that’s why this is such a powerful Instagram marketing tip for beginners. Everybody talks about it but it works.

Here’s a simple checklist that is going to help you optimize your profile:

  • Username = brand name
  • Headline = brand name + keyword
  • Bio = Authority statement, promise, call to action
  • Link = Link to the first page of your sales funnel
  • Highlights = Share them “about you” highlight, and promote your offers in separate highlights. Have a great cover.
  • Feed = share great content. Try to follow branded style.
  • Profile Picture =  High Quality, Your Headshot/Brand’s Logo

When you optimize your profile this way, then your profile visits-to-follow conversion rate is going to go through the roof.

And what’s best? You’re also going to get extra profile visits on autopilot because of the keyword you added to the headline (Name).

That’s because the keyword is going to make your profile appear in the search results when somebody searches for the keyword.

But now, let’s move on to another Instagram marketing tip for beginners which is…

3. Create A Posting Schedule

A big thing you have to do as a beginner on Instagram is to start sharing new content consistently.

If you’re not going to share new content consistently that is strategically created to achieve your goals, then you’re not going to get results.

That’s because the majority of success on Instagram stands on showing up consistently.

And to get the most exposure, you want to share new content every day.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are many content formats that you can pick from.

To get great results, you want to use a combination of image posts and video content. And don’t forget to share some stories every day. Stories should show something more behind the scenes or add value as well.

Now, why do you want to combine the content formats to reach as many people as possible?

Simply put, some people like videos more, and some people like images more. By sharing both content formats you are going to appeal to a broader audience and get better results.

However, it’s also extremely tough to share all of the posts manually. And that’s why you should schedule them using a tool like Sprout Social so that they post automatically.

Also, keep in mind the posts you share over the week should do 3 things.

About 40% of the posts should be focused on attracting new people, another 40% should be focused on nurturing them, and the last 20% should be focused on promoting.

That way you will get new followers while making new sales.

A lot of beginners with Instagram marketing will make the mistake of doing everything just to get followers…

However, it’s also key to turning those followers into customers.

And that’s why sharing content that nurtures your audience is essential as well.

4. Engage With Other People

As a beginner, not many people are likely going to even know you exist and the algorithm is not likely going to promote your content much.

That’s why you need to engage with other people so that you actually get some exposure and get new followers.

Here are some of the best ways to engage with people so that you get the best results:

  • Comment On Posts Of Bigger Accounts In Your Industry
  • Reply To Comments On Your Posts
  • Comment On Posts On Hashtags
  • Engage In Instagram Lives

Why is this working? When you share a valuable comment then other people, including the creator, will see the comment and think “Who is this person?” or “What is this brand?”

And because they get curious they are going to visit your profile, and almost always engage with some of your posts…

And if your content is great and your profile is optimized, they will follow you.

It is hard but extremely powerful, especially when you are beginner with Instagram marketing. So, engage consistently and get the best results.

5. Build Relationships

For your content to get engagement, you need to have strong relationships with your followers.

Strong relationships are what is going to make your followers engage, let you build trust, and BUY.

So, how are you going to build relationships with your followers?

Well, the best way is to start sharing your backstory, achievements, and become RELATABLE. People have relationships with people. If you have never been on video or shared a post with a picture of themselves will never build a true relationship with their following. There needs to be a face behind your brand. Everybody beginning with Instagram marketing needs to know it.

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