Will Marketing Disappear? Finally Revealed

Is marketing going to disappear? That is the question you might be asking yourself if you are new to this field.

And that’s why I am going to reveal to you the answer in this article…

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Will Marketing Ever Disappear?

To answer this question I will have to give you some context about how business works.

The most important thing every business needs are customers. Without customers and consistent sales, every business is eventually going to go bankrupt, regardless of what they are selling.

For that reason, EVERY business needs a system to attract those customers and sell their products and services.

And VOILA! Marketing exists.

There is no way you are going to run a successful company without doing marketing. Every business does it in some form and there is no way it is going to end.

Why? Because if the business doesn’t get customers it DIES. And the world’s economy is standing on nothing but entrepreneurs and businesses.

They provide jobs and products and services people need to even live like food.

That means, private companies are never going to go away. And because of that marketing will never disappear.

As long as businesses exist on this planet, marketing will exist as well. And even if it wouldn’t marketing is done in other areas too.

Let’s say you are a politician and you want to get elected as the president of your country. Guess what? You need to get the attention of people, persuade them that you are a better option than other candidates, and get the most votes.

You don’t have a business, but you need to do MARKETING, even though most politicians are the worst marketers on the planet.

Billboard with a name, voting number, and your big head is not going to persuade anybody to vote for you.


Another example might be a birthday party. If you want your friends to come to the party, you must persuade them to do so. So, you send out invitations via mail or email.

That’s a form of marketing as well.

And on and on. The skill of marketing whether it is offline or online is so ingrained in daily lives of people that it is NEVER going to disappear.

It is here since the first civilizations…

And I can assure you it will not disappear – EVER. For as long as people are alive, marketing will exist.

And if you want to discover how to do it effectively, then go to my blog and find out marketing strategies that will get you more customers than you can handle right away!

Hope you found this short article helpful.

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