Instagram Reach: How To Boost It

Instagram reach has dropped in recent days. And it has affected a lot of people. So, how are you going to boost it and reach people again?

That’s what I’m going to reveal to you in this blog post.

Here is what we’re going to cover:

  1. Measure And Improve Every Post
  2. Have An Engagement Routine
  3. Instagram Advertising Strategy
  4. Collaborate With Other Influencers
  5. Use Hashtags

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Measure And Improve Every Post

What’s the key here is to keep track of every single post that you share.

Because it is twice as important if you want to get the results.

When your reach drops you want to especially focus on content that gets you the most reach.

But without consistent measurement, you’ll never know WHAT performs the best and WHAT you did to get those results.

Therefore, when something you share explodes and gets you great results, you won’t be able to repeat what you have done.

Have An Engagement Routine

This is another great way how to boost your Instagram reach.

When you engage with other people’s content the people who see the posts are going to see your comments.

And if you add value to the post, then they’re likely going to visit your profile and check your content…which will boost your “profile reach.”

However, the truth is that getting reach this way is a lot of hard work.

The more comments you make and the better they are, the more reach you’ll get.

But that takes a lot of time.

In the beginning, it will be an important source of reach, but once you grow bigger, engagement will mainly be a tool to build stronger relationships and grow your follower’s loyalty to your brand plus get trust.

But relying on organic ways to boost your Instagram reach is not something you should do…

You also want to have a paid way to reach people as well.

Instagram Advertising Strategy

This is going to be more than essential for your success on Instagram and to sustainably get customers.

That’s because you can either work your way towards exposure till you drop or you can buy your way in.

However, the truth is that you will NEVER be able to work your way to as many people as you can reach by buying ads, and even if you would, it is never going to be as fast as ads nor as effective because there is no real way you can target those who you reach.

That is why Instagram advertising is such a powerful way how to boost your Instagram reach.

However, how are you going to run the right ads? Well, first and foremost you need to target the right people, second, you need a great ad strategy, and last you need a great ad.

Always run ads. Organic growth will only get you so far but when you can buy reach profitably the possibilities are endless…

And now, let’s move on to another thing which is…

Collaborate With Other Influencers

This one is more than powerful. And that’s because there are two ways to do it – the free way and the paid way.

Paid influencer marketing is the common thing you always hear about – sponsored posts, shoutouts, long-term collaborations, etc.

And it is extremely powerful, especially when it is profitable and you can measure it.

Don’t forget that to do it successfully you need to pick the right person to collaborate with. The right people always have great engagement on their content, are followed by your dream customers, and usually also have a good-size following.

Also, check if the person is not buying their likes and follows and has nothing to do with the “bot” crap.

The second way is the free way called guest posting which is the practice of you posting a post on other influencers’ pages for FREE (and yes, the influencers are the ones who post it.)

And it is so powerful that I personally used it to get 16 influencer collaborations, made 500+ sales, and reached 270,000+ people in a week using nothing but this tactic.

Here you can find out more about it if you want to.

And now, there are still many other ways to boost your Instagram reach.

Use Hashtags

This is a more generic tip, but it works like crazy. Adding hashtags that are relevant to your content can seriously boost your reach.

That is because when you add the hashtag to the post, it is going to be seen on all of the hashtag pages, and therefore more people will see it.

However, to get the most reach out of hashtags you need to make your post rank on the “top” page. And that’s why there is a hashtag strategy that will help you effectively do that.

  • Pick 5 hashtags with 20% lower engagement than your content gets (if your post gets 100 likes, pick a hashtag where posts on the “top” page on average get 80 likes.)
  • Pick 20 hashtags with similar engagement (if your post gets 100 likes pick hashtags where posts on the “top” page get on average 100 likes as well.)
  • Pick 5 hashtags with 20% higher engagement (if your post gets 100 likes on average, pick a hashtag that has 120 likes on average.)

Next, create 5 sets of 30 Instagram hashtags using this formula.

Whenever you share a piece of content, you’re going to switch between the hashtag sets to get the most reach.

Now, there are two ways you can do your research for hashtags. First is pen and paper, pick a pencil and write all you need down to make a calculation.

The second thing that you can do is use a tool like Flick, (which will also help you to find your hashtags.)

There has likely never been made a greater hashtag tool in the world.

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