Instagram Reach Drop: How To Deal With It

Recently a giant Instagram reach drop has happened among many creators all around the world. And that caused everything to go down with it as well from engagement to sales.

It even wiped out some people who have been totally dependent on Instagram to get their customers out of business.

Isn’t that crazy? So, how should you deal with a massive Instagram reach drop like the one that has happened recently?

Well, that’s exactly what I am going to reveal to you today. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

If You Can’t Control The Rules Change The Game

This is a simple concept that you should understand from the day you get on Instagram and on virtually any social media platform.

You are in ZERO control over the decisions people who run the company make and how the algorithm changes. You can only align with how it is working right now.

However, that doesn’t always mean your reach will go up if you’ve done it well up to this point.

In other words, it is essential to understand that Instagram reach drops are inevitable and they will happen regardless of how much you want to prevent them.

You don’t control the updates and how the algorithm does. You only RENT your space on the platform and you can be gone just like that.

That’s why the best and virtually the only true way to never struggle because of low reach on Instagram is to change the playground.

You have to build a platform that is outside of Instagram and that you are in control of. Something nobody can take away from you.

These are the things you can build to do that:

  1. Your email list
  2. Your own blog
  3. Your phone list for SMS marketing

Of course, you can also go offline and virtually every offline marketing thing is going to do the same very well.

But you only own your lists and your blog when you’re online. You don’t often own your podcast because you’re at the mercy of platforms like Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

However, you own your website and you can, for example, use it to send push notifications. You own your phone list and your SMS messages will always be delivered and seen. And you also own your email list.

Total audience contact numbers

NOBODY can take these from you except the government if you sell something illegal.

So, whenever Instagram reach drop happens and regardless of what you do it is still down, you don’t have to worry because you have a second way of communication that is covering your back up and running.

And of course, that means a flow of leads and customers.

That’s why your main goal is to convert every new follower into a lead that has given you at least their email address and you are going to never suffer from Instagram reach drops again like the one that happened recently.

Don’t Rent All Your Locations Under One Landlord. Go To Others As Well.

Besides just owning your own virtual real estate, when you “rent your locations” on platforms like Instagram, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

You don’t want to be under one landlord but under many of them.

That means you should be on multiple social media platforms and ensure at least ONE of the other platforms is owned by a different company than Instagram.

That means Facebook doesn’t fit this rule.

Of course, you can be on it, but also be on Twitter, LinkedIn, or something else.

That is because when Zuckerberg wants to make a change, it usually happens on BOTH platforms. And because the platforms are connected, when you make a mistake, for example, running Facebook ads and you get blocked…

…you can’t run Instagram ads as well. But it doesn’t affect your LinkedIn account, your Twitter account or YouTube as these are totally detached from your Instagram.

In other words, when Instagram reach drop happens, it won’t happen on all the other platforms, so you’ll still have a consistent flow of leads and sales and you’ll grow your audience online.

It is a big deal to understand.

For those who are solopreneurs, you should build your audience on two platforms and also try to convert it into a platform you own (email list, phone list, physical address lists, etc.)

For those who have bigger teams, joining as many social media platforms as possible and doing marketing on all of them will pay off for as long as you can do it precisely across all the platforms.

But the minimum number of platforms should be at least two as well.

That way you will ensure you won’t ever go under just because of a recent update on Instagram or some unexpected change.

Run Instagram Ads

One thing about Instagram reach drops is true and will stay true. Instagram reach drops will hardly ever impact advertising.

That’s why you need to create a profitable advertising strategy if you want to get the best results possible and grow your business using Instagram like crazy regardless of what kind of organic reach drop happens.

There is no limit on how many people you reach and on how much money you make when for every $1 you spend on ads you get $2 back.

However, you can also get $5 back or even $10 for every $1 spent if you know how…

Also, remember that you shouldn’t test advertisements with your entire budget. Set a small test budget in the beginning and see if your Instagram ad converts.

If it does, then it is going to work when you spend way more money.

If it doesn’t then the ad is going to fail regardless of how much money you invest in it. Never test the ad waters with both feet. Start off with one foot so that you don’t drown if something goes wrong.

However, once you get to a point when your ads make money, you will never worry about low Instagram reach again.

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