How To Put Multiple Links In Instagram Bio

This is the dream of everybody who has ever been marketing their business on Instagram. Now it is possible.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to put multiple links in your Instagram bio in this article.

It’s heaven on Earth, and it will help you make your dream customers visit all the places you need.

So, are you ready to kick it off and see how to do this incredible thing? If so, let’s dive in…

New “Multiple Links In Bio” Feature

The very first way you can add multiple links in your Instagram bio, and for the first time in history it’s actually possible is by adding the links using Instagram’s OWN multiple links in the bio feature.

It has rolled out just recently and it is amazing!

Example of a new Instagram feature allowing you to put multiple links in Instagram bio

Not that only, now you can add a link to an external website but you can also link to your Facebook page.

And I know that might sound horrible because you wanted to link to more external websites in your bio…

But the possibilities this can open to you are endless.

When you add a Facebook page link as the “multiple” link in your Instagram bio, you can easily redirect people to private groups, Facebook shops, etc. and it can help you build a strong brand and make sales.

You just have to get creative with how you’re going to use Facebook to get the results you want.

But again the problem is that the additional link is only limited to the Facebook page.

In other words, you can only add one external link, one Facebook Page link and that’s it.

So, how are you going to link to multiple pages that you want to link to and drive Instagram traffic where necessary when you can’t add multiple external links in your Instagram bio?

Well, there is a second option…

Use An Instagram “Link-In-Bio” Website

This is a common thing and it has been proven to work over and over again. Almost everybody who needs to link to multiple websites at once is using it…because it works.

A “link in bio” website is basically a simple webpage with multiple links that redirect people in all the directions you want.

Here is how it looks like:

Example of a website as a way to put multiple links in your bio.

The biggest benefit is that because it is an external website, you can measure advanced data, use it to capture leads DIRECTLY on the page, and do some advanced stuff that you would never be able to do on Instagram itself.

However, there are some best practices that you must follow if you want to get great results.

1. If You Don’t Have A Website, Use A Tool

There are many tools that you can use to put multiple links in your Instagram bio, but by far the best one I have ever seen is Znaplink.

Not that only this tool is going to allow you to design the website in a way unlike any other tool that you have seen and add multiple links.

It will also allow you to collect leads, track advanced data, and it has almost all features for FREE.

That means anybody can use it, even if you’re extremely short on a budget now.

If you want, go here and give it a shot.

Another, more known tool but not even closely as good as the one that I just shared with you is

If there is a tool to add multiple links in your Instagram bio you know this is the one.

However, this tool has a free version and a paid version as well. (Znaplink does too by the way.)

The free version is going to allow you to do basic things like adding a profile picture, username, and links.

The paid version is going to let you do way more, but it has no comparison to what Znaplink can do.

So, I highly suggest that you opt for Znaplink instead. However, if you use, it can help you do anything as well.

2. If You Have A Website Use It

When you use your own website you have virtually unlimited control over what is going to happen on the “link in bio” page.

And that’s why I highly suggest that you use a website of your own if you can.

You can easily add a lead magnet to the website with a form to subscribe and immediately deliver it and make people visit your sales funnel, deliver some pre-frame video, and many other things that will help you IMMEDIATELY warm up the traffic and get better results.

I personally opt for this option and I am going to use it forever as it has ZERO comparison.

In fact, my link in bio website is way more effective than any “link in bio” website because it is a conversion-optimized link in bio landing page.

Here is how it looks like.

Example of Filip Konecny's Elite Marketer's Hub

You can’t do this with any link-in-bio tool.

That’s why I highly suggest that you use your own website or use a tool like Phonesites to build your own landing pages and sales funnels, even on your phone if you want to.

So, that’s how to put multiple links in your Instagram bio.

I hope you found this helpful and if you want to discover how to dominate Instagram marketing, read more articles on this blog or go here and get everything you need to dominate business on Instagram on a silver plate.

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