Instagram Marketing Not Working? Try This.

Is your Instagram marketing not working? It’s always frustrating to invest your time and effort into something and they just see it doesn’t generate the results you’d want.

But don’t worry as in this article I am going to show you why it’s not happening. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

You’re Inconsistent

The key to success on any social media platform is consistency. If you’re not consistent, you’re never going to get any followers or customers.

And it is also going to be hard to reach people. This might be the main reason why your Instagram marketing is not working.

So, how are you going to stay more consistent on this incredible platform?

There are many ways to do that. The first one is to maintain a posting schedule. Create a plan for the whole week and know when and what you are going to post every single day.

When you do, then start batch-creating all of the content and schedule it using a tool like Sprout Social so that it posts automatically.

That way, it’s going to be totally off your hands and therefore way easier for you to stay consistent.

Also, it is going to boost your productivity because your day will no longer be interrupted by all of the reminders to share your content and you’ll be able to fully focus on something else.

But this might be just one of the reasons why your Instagram marketing is not working…

Your Content Isn’t Good

This is a big one as 80% of your success on Instagram relies on nothing but your content. So, if your content is not good, then it is obvious why your Instagram marketing is not working.

With bad content, nobody is going to follow you and it is also nearly impossible to reach your dream customers.

the first big sign that your content is bad is that you are promoting all the time. Overpromoting is really dangerous as people have not come on Instagram to see more ads.

They came there to consume valuable content.

And that’s EXACTLY why you need to stop overpromoting and start sharing valuable content. In other words, educate, entertain, or inspire with your posts.

The problem comes when even though you are valuable you still seem to get no results. When that happens it is always because of one of these 3 pillars of great Instagram content:

  • Value
  • Presentation
  • Relevancy

If you outvalue everybody, meaning that you share far better tips, and tricks, you entertain more, you’re different, etc., then logically the problem lies in the other 2 pillars.

Especially the second pillar is where almost all creators struggle. Content that is not presented well NEVER gets consumed.

Now, what is the presentation part? It consists of all the things that make it more desirable to go through the message you want to share like:

  • The Hook You Use
  • Post Design
  • Message Simplicity
  • Graphic Examples

And way more than that.

If you struggle with this part, I highly suggest that you go and model somebody who is already at the top of the food chain in your industry and has a huge following of loyal dream customers.

Literally, go through their posts, check what they do, and model it for your own content. It has always worked and it always will.

But be careful not to copy…MODEL.

If you want to find out more about how to create an incredible presentation that is going to make your content perform and reach a ton of your dream customers.

And now, let’s move on to another reason why your Instagram marketing might not be working…

You Don’t Adapt To Changes

Another great reason why your Instagram marketing is not working is that you don’t adapt to changes.

Things are changing on Instagram every single day from platform updates to trends to the behavior of people.

So, if you do the same things you did back in 2018 and you wonder why your Instagram marketing isn’t working, it’s because the stuff you did back then is no longer performing well.

That’s why you have to adapt to changes regardless of whether you like it or not.

Yes, of course, if your entire strategy to market on Instagram was to run paid ads, then not as much is going to change.

But if you did organic growth, built community and were a true content creator, THEN you can’t expect the stuff to be the same.

So, identify what has changed and adapt.

You Don’t Have A Content Strategy

Without a content strategy, it’s really obvious why your Instagram marketing is not working. The right content strategy is absolutely essential for you to get the results you want as you need way more than just attract people.

You need to also nurture them and convert them.

And that’s simply impossible to do when you share “dancing” reels all the time.

So, how are you going to create the right Instagram content strategy? Well, the simplest one looks like this:

  • 40% Of Content = Attraction
  • 40% Of Content = Nurturing
  • 20% Of Content = Promotion

In other words, 40% of the posts you share are going to be focused just on attracting people. That means you’ll share the type of content that gets the most reach.

Another 40% of the content, is going to help you build relationships and trust with your current followers. This type of content is usually behind-the-scenes, personal, or highly valuable education (authority-building).

And last, there is the last 20% of content which is promotional. This is going to be focused on turning your current followers into customers and making them enter the sales process.

Got it?

Of course, with every post that you share, you are going to tweak what you do based on data and improve everything.

When something stops working, stop doing it and replace it with something else. Simple as that.

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