The Very Best Social Media Marketing Course

In today’s blog post I’d love to tell you about one of the most incredible social media marketing courses that exist in the world.

And it is going to be absolutely incredible. So, hold your hat, and let’s dive in…

One day, in the morning my phone rang. I was unsure who would be calling me at 5 AM, but I picked up the phone and said…

“This is Filip Konecny.” the voice of my friend on the other side of the phone that had more energy than a hummingbird started to freak out…

“FILIP!!! Oh my god, I just found this unbelievable app called Instagram and you have to check it out! You can sell your stuff like crazy on it…almost every business you know is there making money!”

And I was like, “WHAAAT?! I’m downloading it right now.”

“Alright, tell me how you liked it. I gotta prepare some posts. Bye!” Then he hung up.

It was a super short conversation. And it’s funny because I didn’t know about Instagram at that time even though already about a billion people used it.

I’ve probably seen it but I didn’t know the name or anything like that because I tried to isolate myself form social media as I thought it was just a waste of time.

I never thought about selling on it. But I believed it’ll be easy peasy.

So, I downloaded the app, set up an account, and shared my first post. Obviously, it reached nobody.

But I knew it will take some persistence.

So, I shared my 5th…10th, 25th, 40th, and 50th posts and I reached only about 20 people, at best.

Then I did a huge giveaway. I knew that after I’ll reach more people than I did ever before. But 14 days later when was the time to give the rewards away, I had to embarrassingly announce…

“Because of zero participation in the giveaway, there are no winners.”

And I thought I’m finished. But I still didn’t want to quit. So I persisted and I shared…

…100 posts…

..200 posts…

..250 posts…

…300 posts and nothing has changed. I was on Instagram for over a year and I made 1 sale and didn’t even pass the 1,000 followers mark.

I was finally ready to give up. And then it slapped me in the face.

This a post unlike any other. It was a carousel that split ONE message into many slides and looked like a mini blog post.

It got so much engagement and reached so many people I just had to model it for my own account.

Then I shared it and voila! It got 4x more reach and engagement than anything I’ve ever shared before.

And I was happy as Larry!  So, I tried creating another one but it didn’t perform well. Then I tried the next one and it was the same.

I wondered why.

So, I looked at the account that shared the carousel I modeled and spent a WEEK studying everything it’s doing

And by the end I was amazed. My jaw was literally on the ground.

I noticed it’s following a certain pattern it does business on Instagram from the moment new people discover the business exists to the moment they become a customer and beyond.

They maximized their reach, build loyalty, got engagement, generated hundreds of thousands of leads, made sales, upsold those who bought, and kept customers coming to buy again and again.

I began to call it the Instagram Hyper-Growth funnel. That’s because when you structure it the right way, it will ensure hyper-growth of your business online.

It literally felt like I’d rediscovered America.

And that’s why I spent another month learning about how they structured each of the steps and planning how I am going to implement it myself.

And then I did it.

Instead of randomly posting stuff and sending people to Amazon, I began to leverage other people’s audiences, and the algorithm itself to get the attention of my dream customers.

Then I drove them to my profile, turned almost all of them into followers, and shared strategic content to earn their trust, built relationships, and “warm them up” before they entered the sales funnel…

…where they became leads, bought from me, got upsold, and last…

They bought other products and services from me or the companies I promoted as an affiliate.

If your head is spinning around, mine was as well, but I took action as much as I could.

At first, I didn’t get great results, but I knew it was because I was doing something wrong and not because the system isn’t working.

So, I tweaked the process, tested things, and in about 2 minutes it EXPLODED!!!

I went from reaching a few hundred people to reaching tens of thousands of people through single posts…


And I began to get thousands of leads and made hundreds of book sales, without spending a penny out of my pocket…

Amazon Sales Dashboard

Then when I began to run ads as well…there are no words to even describe the results. The system is just unbelievably effective.

I made more sales than I could dream about.

And that’s why I decided to share with you how to build an Instagram Hyper-Growth funnel for your own business in my new…

Build Your Instagram Empire course.

Build your Instagram Empire course image

This incredible social media marketing course is designed to go far beyond things like hashtags or follower growth.

It is designed to grow your ENTIRE business online using Instagram. That means you’ll discover secrets that will let you reach millions of people secrets for selling anything to anyone, anytime online and also making the cart value way bigger.

And what’s best is that I will literally push you to get results.

(Plus, if you hurry up, you can also get $6,123.00 worth of bonuses that alone will change your Instagram marketing game forever.)

Go here and find out more about this course right away!

Here’s just a tiny glimpse into what you’ll find out:

  • How To 10X Your Growth With NO Extra Effort Or Buying Ads
  • How To Create Unbelievable Content That Will Attract New Customers To Your Brand And Make Them Buy
  • How To Leverage The Algorithm In Your Advantage And Reach Virtually Unlimited Number Of People On Autopilot
  • How To Do FREE Influencer Marketing
  • A Secret Process That Will Let You Sell Anything To Anyone, Anytime On Instagram And Beyond
  • How To Turn Your Followers Into Salespeople LITERALLY Selling Your Products And Services For You For Free
  • The Secret To “Printing Money And Attention” Using Ads
  • Astonishing Framework For turning Followers Into Customers Even If They Say “NO” To Your Offer And Staying In Touch With Your Entire Audience Even If Instagram Goes Down Tonight
  • How To Explode The Engagement You Get On Every Post That You Share
  • The Key To Becoming The Go-To Brand In Your Industry And Dominating The Space
  • AND HUNDREDS MORE! (I Don’t Have Space To List It All Here)

Great stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

And now you can get it all for a miserable investment of a tiny $199.99! But hold your hat.

When you get this social media marketing course, you’re also going to get these incredible bonuses:

Stack slide

Isn’t that incredible? If so, go here and find out more about this incredible course today!

So, now you have two choices. The first one is to blow the $199.99 for something like 8 fried lobster tails at the Arizona Steakhouse and try to figure out all of this stuff on your own.

If that’s what you want, it’s OK.

However, you’ll literally struggle for YEARS before you even get your first few thousand followers and make a sale.

But when you choose to get this incredible social media marketing course with all of the 13 mega-valuable bonuses, you’ll take an elevator to your Instagram success instead of stairs.

And if for some reason you don’t like what you’ll discover, then contact me using the form on this website within 14 days of the purchase and I’ll refund you $199.99 down to a penny!

There is nothing to lose but so much to gain.

But I have to warn you. All of the bonuses are gone really soon! There is no guarantee that you’ll wake up tomorrow and still see them.

Go here and find out more about this course right away!

You’ll love it.

Published by filipkonecny

Filip Konecny is an elite entrepreneur, marketer, and author of 5 marketing books who helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers in over 80+ countries get new customers, grow their businesses online, and make their voices heard. He has reached over 8,000,000+ entrepreneurs, built a following of tens of thousands of people, and been featured and written for some of the top marketing blogs like Jeff Bullas,, and Social Champ. Filip has entrepreneurship in his heart and believes that if you sell a product or service that helps people and makes this world better, it’s your DUTY to make your voice heard, sell it, and change the world. And he’s here to show you do that.

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