How To Get Clients For Your Marketing Agency Using Social Media

Getting new clients for your marketing agency is absolutely vital if you want to grow and be successful.

Without clients you are dead, but you might not be getting them at the pace you might want to.

So, how are you going to get more clients using social media for your marketing agency?

That is exactly what we are about to cover in this blog post.

  1. Start Educating
  2. Follow The 80/20 Rule
  3. Share Some Social Proof To Build Credibility
  4. Use Webinars To Sell Your Services
  5. Use A Direct Message Automation

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Start Educating

Yes, education is not the only type of value that you can share on social media, but it is the best one when it comes to building authority and earning the trust of your followers. And let’s get clear on one thing…without trust you’re not going to get any clients.

However, every marketing agency has the same concern when it comes to sharing educational content. “If we do this, nobody will need our services anymore as they’ll do it themselves.”

And that is terribly wrong. In fact, people will want them even more.

What happens when you educate infographic

When you educate you will clearly demonstrate to them that you know what you are doing and since they are hiring you mostly because they have zero experience in this field and don’t want to spend time learning marketing or doing it anyway, they are going to hire you.

Even if they would have the time and they’d be hungry to learn marketing, they are still likely going to hire you as they aren’t confident that they can make the strategies work themselves.

So, regardless of the social media platform that you are trying to leverage to get clients, you should educate.

I highly recommend that you use video as the main content format to do it as it is way more relatable and helps create bonds way more easily.

However, that doesn’t mean other content formats are going to perform worse.

But video is likely going to help you build way more credibility faster and it is also easier to share more value in it.

Alright? But now, let’s move on to another tip to get clients for your marketing agency using social media…

Follow The 80/20 Rule

This one is really big for everybody, including marketing agencies, and even though I am talking about it quite often I am going to share it here as well.

Overpromoting is probably the main cause of why agencies struggle to get clients and reach their dream customers. On social media, nobody wants to follow a marketing agency that is trying to sell them something all the time.

Instead, they want to follow a marketing agency that is adding value to their life. And they WANT to do business with this type of agency as well.

That’s why you want to follow the social media 80/20 rule which is kinda simple:

80% of your content = value, 20% of your content = promotion

That means if you share 10 posts a week, only 2 of them can be directly promotional.

Of course, you can mention your offer in the value posts, however, you have to be careful not to disrupt the message that delivers the value in any way.

This way you are going to attract more and more dream clients to your marketing agency while converting your followers into REAL clients.

It is a perfect way to grow and sell at the same time.

Share Some Social Proof To Build Credibility

A good idea that is going to naturally attract clients is social proof.

Social proof is going to be a part of the promotional content that you share as a part of the 80/20 social media rule.

When you share it your dream customers are going to immediately think “Oh, if it worked for them, it is going to work for me!”

And the more similar the person who gave you the testimonial/case study is to them, the more effective it is going to be.

Instagram testimonial

In marketing, we call it “mirroring”. We trust more people who are similar to us than somebody different.

Probably the best type of social proof that is also going to get the most attention and convert the best is a case study of a client that you had in the past.

Tell a story about them and the end result they got with you and you have a sales message, unlike anything you’ve ever shared before.

And if the client will record a video and share their story of working with you themselves on the camera, it will be brutally effective.

However, normal testimonials are fine as well, so don’t be afraid to share them.

Use Webinars To Sell Your Services

Example of a webinar

This is an absolutely incredible way to sell your services.

Marketing services regardless of their type are always a high-ticket purchase (unless you sell stuff like profile audits on Instagram).

And it is really tough to sell a marketing service using a sales page. You have to close it on a phone. But when you get somebody with little interest on the phone it is really tough to close the deal as there are a ton of objections and questions you have to handle.

However, what if you could get people to call you just to say “I want to work with you, where can I wire you money?”

Wouldn’t that be insane?

Well, that is exactly what a webinar is going to do for you. It’s going to persuade people to buy before they even exchange a word with you. They’ll just call you to say “let’s do it!”

A great webinar that will let your marketing agency get these results is going to consist of 3 main parts:

  1. The Introduction
  2. Content – 3 Secrets (Each One Is Breaking A False Belief Your Dream Customers Have And Related False Beliefs)
  3. Stack – Present Them With An Irresistible Offer That Is At Least 10X More Valuable Than The Cost + Builds A Sense Of Urgency

Ok, even though this is a really brief explanation, this is kinda how it looks like. If you’d like to find out in real detail how to do this, then I can create a course on how to sell your products or service using a webinar in the future.

Let me know if you’d want to get it…

Typically you will see a lot of marketing legends automating their webinars. I don’t recommend that you do that unless the webinar has been already perfected and it sells like crazy.

If it does, then you can automate it and make it sell your marketing agency’s services 24/7.

Otherwise, you want to do the webinars live, and then make a replay available to watch for the rest of the week. After that, you take it down, edit it to make it sell better, and try again.

Once you get the results you want, then you can automate it. Do it at least 50 times before you automate the webinar. (I mean that.)

It is an absolutely unbelievable way to sell your marketing agency’s services and can make you millions of dollars when created the right way.

Use A Direct Message Automation

What is going to happen quite often is that people are going to message your marketing agency about products and services directly on the social media platform.

And because of that you should have a system for handling those leads and immediately making getting them to the next step of the sales process (calling you, watching a webinar, etc.)

When they tell you they’d like to work with you, you should try to immediately get them on phone and close the deal.

However, how to do that and ensure you don’t miss out on a client when your employees are not currently active on social media?

Well, use DM automation. Depending on whether you do business on an international or just national level the importance of this will be higher or lower.

Example of a DM automation

If you have a social media manager (or more of them) handling all of the messages for you 24/7 then you don’t need DM automation.

However, if you don’t there should be a bot telling your dream customers what are they going to do. For Facebook and Instagram, I highly recommend using ManyChat.

It is a fantastic bot that is going to help you with everything and it is officially approved so there is no risk of getting banned for using third-party apps or something like that.

For other social media platforms, there are different tools that you can use as well. Some platforms even let you create FAQ DM automation directly inside of them.

That is golden because in that case, you don’t even need a bot and you can prepare it directly inside the app.

Prepare different sequences for different question variations. For example, the “I want to work with you” question can be handled with one message telling people to call your marketing agency.

However, if they have a different question that is indicating they still need answers and haven’t made a final decision yet, walk them through a pre-made sequence to handle them.

Depending on what they write, or tap as a suggested message, it is going to trigger a different sequence.

But in the end, the best option to handle everything is to have a human response. So, try to do that first. If you can’t then use automation.

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