How To Win Big With Instagram Marketing

I know how you’re feeling now. You’re doing Instagram marketing for months and no serious results have still knocked on your doors.

It’s frustrating discouraging and it makes you want to stop.

But DON’T! You must keep going. Success on Instagram does not happen overnight. It will take some time.

However, with the strategies that I will show you today, you’ll grow 10X faster. And that’s freaking amazing.

So, I’m not going to make it any longer here, and let’s dive in…

Guest Posting

Instagram guest posts

Guest posting is one of the best ways to start growing your account off-limits as you will be able to expose your content not just to people who you engage with…

but to tens of thousands of people who don’t even follow you. It is more than powerful if you do it the right way.

But how does it work?

Well, first you initiate the idea by sending a DM to the creator with who you’d love to collaborate.

You will tell them about your guest post ideas and about why it is going to be beneficial for both of you.

Here is a template that you can use:

Hey, [First Name]!

I really love your content! I was especially inspired by your
post about [What The Post Is About].

Since I can see you're into [Their Niche] and our audiences are similar, I thought I would reach out to see if you would be open to collaborating with me!

We could create posts for each other's profiles to get some extra exposure.

Here are a few of my post ideas:

[Idea #1]

[Idea #2]

[Idea #3]

Let me know if you are interested!


[Your Name]

After you DM them you can get two possible responses. First, they like some of the ideas and they will say “Yes!”

Or they are not going to like them and they will say “No.”

Both cases are awesome because with the first one you can collaborate and the one who said no is not going to waste your time.

But I know you probably have a lot of questions about who is going to do the graphics, how you’re going to send content to each other, etc.

Well, keep your cool, I am going to handle them.

How To Find The Right Person?

Before you even contact somebody you have to make sure that you choose the right person to contact.

Follow these guidelines to choose the right “partner”:

  • The person has an audience with similar interests as yours.
  • The person has a similar size following/engagement as you.
  • You already have a relationship with or at least follow that person.

Who Chooses The Post Idea?

Usually, you both choose your own topics. But as I have already shown you, when you contact them, suggest a few ideas which they can choose from.

Who Makes The Graphics?

Usually, you just send a text version of the post to each other and you’re going to make the graphics for your own profile.

Then all you’re going to do is to send the post to the person you’re collaborating with to make sure that they like it.

But also they can send you a Canva template and you can make the post directly for their account as it is going to fit their design.

Or sometimes you’ll make the post in your style and they will remake it for their account. And many other things.

All you have to do is communicate with each other and make sure that you both know how it is going to happen.

Now you have everything you need to start guest posting on other accounts, but there is way more to winning big on Instagram than that.

Get On The SFY Lists

Instagram SFY lists

SFY (Suggested For You) lists are kinda like free advertising.

When you get on them, every time your ideal customer follows somebody, your account is going to pop up and they will be able to instantly follow you as well.

But you’re probably confused and you want to get a deeper insight into why this is so beneficial for your Instagram growth…

Well, don’t worry. I am going to break it down for you as well.

Types Of SFY Lists

There are three types of SFY lists. Here they are:

1. Suggested In Profiles

These are appearing after someone clicks “follow”. Recommended based on account the person has followed.

2. Explore Page

This one is appearing after someone scrolls to the bottom of your feed. Recommended based on content the user consumes.

3. Notifications

Appearing inside the notifications tab. Recommendations based on the overall activity of the user.

But how the hell are you going to check if you’re on some SFY lists right now?

How To Check Your SFY List Ranks

This is something that you are eagerly waiting to discover. Are you on some SFY list right now?

Well, by using this three-step formula you’ll be able to answer this question pretty quickly. So, let’s take a look at how it looks like:

Step 1: Create NEW Profile

Yes, this profile has to be NEW. No previous engagement, no liked posts…nothing.

Step 2: Visit Specific Profile

Go to the page of the person you want to check the SFY list of.

Step 3: Open The Arrow Next To ”Follow” And Click “See All”

When you do it, you will be able to see all of the profiles Instagram is currently suggesting for you to follow.

If your main account is on that list, congratulations! If you’re not there yet, don’t worry. I will show you how to do it.

How To Get On The SFY Lists

This is the thing that every creator dreams about, and that’s the reason why I am going to show you how to do it…

Step 1: Identify Target Profiles

Identify 1 main account (50K+ follows) you’re sure has your target audience.

Then, go to their SFY list and identify 5-10 more accounts (10-50K followers.)

And then you will start making your way from the smallest to the biggest SFY lists. How? By moving on to step 2…

Step 2: Create Relationships

The goal here is to create a super-strong relationship between your account and the main one.

Start sharing their content, do guest posts for them, tag them in your posts (only when relevant), engage with them when they go live, engage in their comments, build human connections in DMs, etc.

Step 3: Create Overlapping

Now you want to get a high percentage of overlapping audiences between you and your main account.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Optimize your profile so that it resonates with your target audience
  • Interact with the profiles of the people who comment on the main account

If you’ll do it, Instagram will start sensing that you are highly relevant and that your content can be helpful to those who follow that account.

And what’s going to happen?

Exactly, they will put you on the SFY list so that others can follow you as well.

It is more than powerful. But even when you get on the list, you still need to do one more thing, and that is to…

Optimize Your Profile

profile optimization

Profile optimization is one of the most important things that you have to do if you want to grow your Instagram account.

A well-optimized profile can triple your growth with no extra effort from you!

It is more than essential, and that is the reason why I want to show you how to optimize it now…


  • Tell them who you are.
  • Ties with the bio.
  • Gives clarity to the user.


  • Why should they follow you?
  • Focus on them not you.
  • Include a promise for new followers.


  • Prove your worth.
  • Consistent schedule.
  • In sync with the profile.


  • Great cover images.
  • Include about me/us highlight.
  • Show them what you have to offer.

All right, now you have almost everything you need to know to optimize your profile like a king (I go into more details in my 10X Instagram Secrets book.)

But now, there is something so powerful that it will explode your growth so much that you won’t be able to handle it…

Start Creating Instagram Reels

instagram reels

Instagram reels are extremely powerful when it comes to reaching new audiences and growing like crazy. Do you want to know why?

Because Instagram has started to promote them heavily, for one simple reason.

As they did in the beginning with Snapchat and the “story” feature, they are now trying to destroy TikTok with the “reels” feature.

And in my opinion, they are slowly winning this battle.

But how do you leverage this and create reels that your audience is going to love?

Well, reels can be only 30 seconds long and that’s why I use this formula…

  • 0-3 sec – headline
  • 3-25 sec – content
  • 25-30 sec – call to action

It’s working really well, but you should also pay attention to all of these things below when creating the content for your reel:

  • Reels are meant to be more entertaining and if you are, you will grow more
  • Be clear and concise, you can dive deeper into the topic in the caption
  • Use trending music to increase your reach.
  • Make sure that you are valuable.
  • If it doesn’t inspire them, make them laugh, or help them grow it sucks

So, don’t be afraid and start creating reels right now! They are extremely powerful.

Use The Right Hashtag Strategy

I know that you hear about this quite often, but it is really essential. Hashtags can explode your reach if you know how to use them.

It is incredibly important to do it.

However, you need to have a hashtag strategy to boost your hashtag reach effectively. And that’s exactly the place where most content creators get stuck.

But don’t worry, I am going to show you one now.

Step #1 – Search Keywords

Go to the search and search for keywords relevant to your niche. Start with generic keywords rather than specific ones.

Marketing > digital marketing.

Business > online business.

Step #2 – Filter Your Hashtags

Now it is time to filter your hashtags. You want to filter your hashtags based on your average engagement. Flick is a great tool for that.

Step #3 – Check The Hashtag Content

Make sure that the content on the hashtag matches your content and your niche.

Step #4 – Avoid Useless Hashtags

These are the banned hashtags (banned by IG due to the high amount of irrelevant posts) and the dead hashtags (no recent posts in the top 9 section – 1 month+ old posts).

Also try to avoid spam hashtags like #follow4follow, like4like, etc.

Step #5 – Create Hashtag Sets

Repeat steps 1-4 until you get 3-5 sets with 30 hashtags using this blueprint:

  • 5 small hashtags: 20% lower engagement.
  • 20 average hashtags: same engagement.
  • 5 big hashtags: 20% higher engagement.

Example: If you get 1,000 likes per post, your hashtag sets should look like this…

  • 5 small hashtags: 800 likes.
  • 20 average hashtags: 1,000 likes.
  • 5 big hashtags: 1,200 likes.

Then you will start switching each set of hashtags with every post to maximize your effectiveness and reach. It is really great and you shouldn’t neglect it.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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