7 Best Instagram Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Growth

Everybody knows the generic tips to get more followers, and even though they usually work, there are ideas that can take your Instagram growth to the next level.

Ideas that can make a flood of your dream customers follow you…and generate more revenue for your business online.

That’s why in today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you 7 best Instagram marketing ideas to boost your growth. So, are you ready to begin?

If so, let’s dive in…

Do Some Giveaways (But Carefully)

A good giveaway is basically incentivizing engagement and promotion of your page by offering people something for free.

Not everybody is going to win, but for sure a lot of people will participate if the reward is good. Usually, giveaways should be made around a reward that is not expensive to you but is super valuable to them.

That way, they’re going to be really driven to participate in it, but you won’t have any cost associated with it.

Another important part of the giveaway are the rules for joining.

Most people ask for like of the post, follow of the page, and tagging some friends (usually 3). But you can ask for more. It all depends on the value of the reward.

You see, all of the rules should be based on making more people follow you and reaching more people.

But now when you know how to create a giveaway, you also must understand that overdoing giveaways can make you lose their effectiveness.

So don’t do more than one giveaway per month. Otherwise, people will get bored of it and you will fail.

Collaborate With Others

Collaborating with others is a win-win scenario when you and the person you decide to collaborate with gets new exposure and followers from each other’s accounts.

Isn’t that amazing?

There are many ways you can collaborate but usually, it is done by creating a post together or recording a video together.

Instagram itself has supported collaborating and it has launched the new collaboration feature so that when you post a post and send it to the collaborator and he or she accepts…it’s going to show on both profiles.

In other words, you’re going to easily get more exposure for your page.

There is also another way to do collaborations without “collaborating”. In other words, you’re going to make them post your post but they’re not going to post anything on your own page.

It is called guest posting. And when you know how to do it, it can change everything.

That’s why I talk about how to do it from A-Z in my Instagram Crown book.

But now let’s move to another Instagram marketing idea.

Use More Content Formats

Example of how more content formats on Instagram look like

The reason why using more content formats is such an amazing Instagram marketing idea is because it gives you the ability to reach a broader audience.

Look, some people love classic posts. Others like video. Other people like videos too but they LOVE reels. And on and on.

That’s why you must use more than one content format in your content strategy.

The more of them you are going to use, the more likely you are going to reach your dream customers, so try it out.

Engage With Other People

Example of engaging with other people

This is one of the best Instagram marketing ideas that I can share with you. Engaging with other people is going to build trust with your audience, and most importantly it is also going to generate exposure for your account if you engage with a cold audience.

But what are some of the ways that you can engage with your dream customers?

  • Commenting
  • Responding To DMs
  • Reacting To Stories
  • Chatting During Live Streams
  • Responding To Comments
  • Sending DMs Honestly Complimenting Somebody’s Content
  • And Many More!

In fact, you should create your own engagement strategy that is going to ensure you engage with all 3 types of audiences – cold, warm, and hot.

This way, those who don’t know you and are going to see your comment, will become curious, visit your profile and follow you. Those who know you will build a stronger relationship with you and start promoting you to other people. And those who are HOT are more likely going to buy.

It is a genius Instagram marketing idea to try out. So, try it out.

Share Reels

Instagram reels examples

Reels are really heavily promoted now by Instagram and they are probably the best way to reach new people and grow your following if you know how to create them.

The best reels are entertaining and they DON’T promote. Instead, they are valuable.

You see, nobody is interested in promotion. The only way to get more exposure and grow your following is by adding more value to their lives.

Once they follow you and have some relationship with you, then you can sell.

The best reels are also short, use trending music, and usually are created around a topic that is trending at the moment.

So, if you’ve been avoiding Instagram reels up to this point, try creating them.

It is one of the best Instagram marketing ideas that exist.

Post At Least Once A Day

Posting just once a week or once in a few weeks is NOT going to grow your page enough.

The fastest-growing Instagram accounts are posting every single day. And it is an awesome Instagram marketing idea because it’s going to make the algorithm promote more of your content, people will see you show up and will have something to share, you will build more trust, and on and on

The benefits of posting every day are endless.

Also, you’re going to be able to promote more without losing followers as they won’t be annoyed by it…because even though you promote you share a ton of valuable content that they want to see.

So, if you want to grow faster on Instagram, you MUST post at least once per day. And if you can…even two times or three times per day. You’ll get results for sure.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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