The Best Tactics To Do Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

It ain’t easy to do social media marketing for restaurants if you do it like most of the restaurants do. And that’s because they don’t get any customers.

Instead, you need to take a different approach and do what others don’t. In other words, you use the top social media marketing tips for restaurants that I’m going to share with YOU in this amazing blog post.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…

Go Where Your Dream Customers Are

This is a super important part of doing social media marketing for restaurants.

If you’re not on the platform your dream customers are using, you’re wasting your time as you’re never going to get the results you truly want.

You have to do your research. Oftentimes, for restaurants the platform that’s going to work the best is Instagram.

However, they often do more than well on Facebook, sometimes on LinkedIn if you’re targeting business owners and executives like Ritz, and on and on.

So ask yourself, where are your dream customers, and what social media platform is going to be the best for your brand?

When you have the answer, you obviously want to study the platform and understand what works there, what doesn’t and what are its unique features that you can leverage to reach more people in your area.

Once you’re clear about that and you know exactly how the platform works you must use it to your advantage and make the most out of it.

Understand What They Want To See And Deliver

image of a london restaurant

This is another really important thing. If you want to be successful in doing social media marketing for restaurants you must ask yourself a serious question…

…what do my dream customers want to see, what are they going to find valuable, and what is going to make them visit us or place an online order?

Sometimes they find it super valuable to see the visual aspect of cooking and make themselves feel hungry just by watching your pictures.

By doing this, not that only you’ll be able to grow your following, but you will also be able to get more people to come in, as they will want to taste the incredible food.

Another important thing is that you don’t just share pictures of food, but you turn your restaurant into a CULTURE. You want the place to be like a second home to them…which means that you’ll have to build relationships.

The way you’re going to do that is by sharing behind-the-scenes, personal posts that will show them what they wouldn’t normally see, consistently add value, and if they decide to come or buy from you online…do the BEST service possible.

The better the relationships you’re going to have with them, the better the results you’re going to get.

Incentivize Engagement

What does this mean? That means you want to do something like a little giveaway for something that isn’t expensive to you for those who engage with your content.

You can pick a winner once a month or even once a week so that people stay really motivated and it will make them engage with your content.

For example, for everybody who is going to comment on your post, there’s a chance that they’re going to win a dinner for 2 with a glass of prosecco for both.

It’s really not that expensive as you can get all of the ingredients for about 50 bucks (I haven’t ran a restaurant before, but from my experience, that’s about the price) and you can literally double or triple your engagement because of it.

That means people will engage with your content every day, because they will want to get their reward.

And the more they engage with your content, the more the algorithm is going to like you and the more people you’re going to reach.

It’s an awesome “social media marketing for restaurants” hack that you want to try.

Engage With People In Your Location

One of the simplest ways to get the attention of your dream customers on social media is by engaging with people in your location.

That’s why no matter what social media platform you’re on, you should comment on people’s content in your location and connect with them.

Why does this work? When was the last time you received a comment on your post and felt really happy because the person appreciates what you were doing?

And how many times have you checked their account in return? A lot, right? Well, that’s exactly why this is so powerful.

If you’re going to engage with your dream customers in your location, they’re going to engage with you as well, check your restaurant frequently, and if your sales process is good, sometimes they’re even going to get and pack and leave to visit your restaurant immediately. (But that’s rare.)

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