How To Know Which Hashtags To Use On Social Media

It’s a known fact that hashtags are supposed to help you reach new people on social media.

The problem is that unless you choose them carefully, they won’t work. And there are a lot of criteria that you want to pick hashtags based on.

That’s when you read this article from the start to finish, we’ll cover them all. So let’s begin!

Hashtag-Brand Relevancy

Example of a cooking hashtag on Instagram

When picking hashtags to use for your social media, you must ensure that they’re relevant to your brand.

For example, if you are a plumber, you don’t want to use hashtags like #cooking because it’s irrelevant. You will reach people through that hashtag, but it’s not the right type of people.

That’s why there is almost no chance that they are going to follow you, and most importantly buy from you.

So, whenever you choose hashtags, they must be relevant. If you’re a plumber, use hashtags like #plumbing, #plumbinglasvegas, and #plumbingservices.

Another important thing to mention is that you want to use as many hashtags as the platform that you are on allows you.

That way, you’re going to be able to reach as many people as possible and get the most results.

And as we’re talking about reaching people through hashtags on social media, you also need to consider the hashtag’s engagement rate.

Check The Hashtag’s Engagement

No matter the social media platform you’re on, chances are that the hashtag pages have two tabs – “top posts” and “recent posts”.

If you want to get a lot of exposure, you must rank on the “top posts” page. As that’s what everybody sees when they check a hashtag.

The problem is that if you have a small following, your posts are not popular enough to appear there.

And that’s when engagement comes to play.

Whenever you’re choosing a hashtag, check the first 10 posts, count their likes together, and divide it by 10 to discover the average engagement the posts get.

For example, if you choose #cooking and 8 posts have 1,000 likes and the next 2 have 500 likes…then 9,000/10 = 900 likes.

That’s the average engagement of a hashtag.

Once you know it, you want to follow this hashtag strategy, to create 5 sets of 30 hashtags that you’re going to switch between whenever you post something:

  • 5 Hashtags With 20% Less Engagement (If your posts get 100 likes, then the hashtag’s average engagement must be around 80 likes.)
  • 20 Hashtags With Similar Engagement (If your posts get 100 likes, then the hashtag’s average engagement must be around 100 likes)
  • 5 Hashtags With 20% Higher Engagement (If your posts get 100 likes, then the hashtag’s average engagement must be around 120 likes.)

This way your posts are going to be able to rank on the “top page” of the hashtag and get you as much exposure to your dream customers as possible.

It’s important to follow this rule.

Avoid Banned Hashtags

Every platform has something called banned hashtags. These are hashtags that have been used on a lot of posts that violated the community guidelines and got banned as a result.

When you use them, your post can get suppressed reach or worse completely deleted. (For example, on Instagram it happens all the time.)

If you use the right hashtag research tool, you should be able to filter them. If not, every platform usually publishes a list of newly banned hashtags so that you can avoid using them online.

And yes, the platforms don’t show it directly on the hashtag page, so you have to really check it.

Don’t Reuse The Same Hashtags All The Time

Even though this has nothing to do with choosing the hashtags themselves, it’s going to influence your social media reach in a big way.

You never want to use the same hashtag set every time on all of your content because it highly limits the number of people you can reach.

If it is going to work, and you will reach people, chances are they’re the exact same people that have seen your content through the hashtag before.

However, if you use a different hashtag set, it’s going to show your posts to totally new people, and that way, you will be able to reach a broader audience.

So, create at least 5 hashtag sets with as many hashtags as the platform allows you to use on one post (usually 30.)

Branded Hashtag

The last thing that I want to cover in today’s article is called the branded hashtag. A lot of brands use it to build a stronger and more loyal community, get user-generated content that they can post, and in the end make more sales.

This hashtag can be made in 2 ways. First, it can be your brand’s slogan, or second, it can be the brand’s name itself.

Whichever you choose, if you create it, you want to use it in every post and give your followers an incentive to use it as well.

If you can make it a big hashtag with a lot of content that uses it, then it is going to be a free promotion for your brand and you will get a ton of exposure.

Try it out.

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