7 Ideas To Use Instagram Polls To Engage And Survey Your Audience

Instagram polls have more power than you might think. Even though it’s just a simple story sticker, you can use it to easily engage and survey your audience effectively.

Not that only that’s going to boost your story views and build relationships with your audience…

…but it’s also going to provide you with valuable data that you can use in marketing your business.

But what are some of the best ways to use Instagram polls? That’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this blog post.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in.

1. What Do You Want To See More Of On My/Our Profile?

Choose a favorite product poll example

This Instagram poll is one of the best ones that you can create. It’s especially useful when you’re getting ready to create new content as you’ll have an idea of what they want more of.

Another awesome benefit that this is going to provide you with is a lot of engagement.

The engagement benefit happens with every poll, but it’s an awesome thing to mention as it’s going to maximize your story views.

If you’re going to use this Instagram poll idea all you have to choose two main content pillars that you have or certain topics and let your audience vote on what they want more of.

Once you know the answer, you’re going to implement it in yours. Instagram content strategy and win.

2. This-Or-That

These polls are mainly used just to engage your audience. However, they’re also super useful if you want to discover more about your dream customers and implement them in your marketing strategy.

It all depends on the choices that you’re going to offer them.

So, the way you’re going to create this Instagram poll is by choosing two options like do you prefer smoothies or milkshakes? Do you like donuts or burgers? And on and on.

It can give you some nice data to implement.

3. Choose A Favorite Product

Example of "What's your favorite porduct" poll

This is another amazing Instagram poll idea that will give you one of the most valuable pieces of data ever…let you understand what’s your favorite product or service.

I highly recommend not doing this just on Instagram but everywhere you can. Because once you know what converts the best (even though you’ll normally know that by checking your sales dashboards.)

However, just because something is bestselling, it might not be the best. And if you know something else is better, you might be able to improve the marketing and sell way more of that product or service.

So, choose up to 4 of your best products and let your audience decide which one is the best. Then you can focus more on marketing it.

4. What Kept You From Buying_____?

This is a powerful poll to discover what you need to handle in the sales process and how you can increase your sales.

So, all you have to do is to make a poll, add 4 options of what you think is keeping people from buying, and once you have the answers immediately improve your sales process.

Sometimes you can also do this with a classic question sticker, but the problem with that is that not many people are going to answer.

If you’re going to use a poll and provide them with choices, you’re going to get some way more reliable data.

5. What Should I Post?

This is another Instagram poll that’s going to help you create amazing content.

Whenever you have two big content ideas for example for a long video or a live, you can give your audience a few options and ask them what it should be about.

Once you know the answer, you can create that piece of content and win the attention you want.

6. Did You Enjoyed This_____?

This is basically going to be used at the end of a certain story sequence or a content story just to boost engagement.

It’s a simple way to increase your story views, so, always add it.

7. Have You Checked This Amazing Post And______?

Example of a poll about if they have used the Instagram post

This is another awesome idea just to boost your engagement and get more story views.

Whenever you share a post, instead of just sharing it, add a poll to make sure more people are going to see it.

Always add it.

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