10 Best Instagram Story Ideas You Must Try

Instagram stories are an awesome way to build relationships & trust with your following.

But sometimes you just run out of ideas to create some Instagram stories about. And that’s why in today’s article I’m going to show you the 10 best Instagram story ideas that you must try.

So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in…


Instagram quiz example
instagram quiz example n.2

Do you like to challenge your knowledge? Everybody does! That is why we participate in quizzes, polls, try new things, do puzzles, etc.

And creating a quiz in Instagram stories is one of the best story ideas that I could give you. You can create them directly in the Instagram app and they work like crazy.

Here are two main benefits of creating quizzes:

  1. You will engage your audience and it builds relationships
  2. It boosts story views like crazy

You want to try this out, it is really incredible!


Instagram poll example

Creating a simple poll is one of the best Instagram story ideas that I can give you. Why? Because it engages the audience.

That boosts your story views, and of course, helps to build relationships. However, there’s even one, way more important benefit and that is SURVEYING.

By creating these polls, you can easily discover what your audience likes, hates, what they want, etc.

And the more you understand them, the more relevant content you can create and the more results you can get.

Personal Story

Example of a personal story with Russell Brunson
Example of a personal story from the social impact.co

Another great Instagram story idea is to share a story about something that you are doing today or about something that has happened recently.

You see, the key to getting more growth, building a strong brand, and making sales on Instagram is to become relatable.

And the only way you can do it is by sharing some behind-the-scenes stories from your own life.

People just can’t relate to a logo or carousels. But for sure they can relate to a real person with real life that is like them.

So, always try to share some personal stories as it is going to help you get more results than you can imagine.

It is super important.

Quick-Tip Video

Example of a quick tip story from Alex Cattoni

If you want to add value to your audience and build a ton of authority, one of the best ways to do that is to share some quick tips with your audience.

All you have to do is to record a video with a tip, or you can just go to some design software like Canva.

It’s a simple Instagram story idea, but it works like crazy. So, try it out.

Promote A Product/Service

Example of a promotional story from Filip Konecny
Example of a promotional story from Filip konecny

Sometimes the best way to use your Instagram stories is to make some sales, right? And that’s why promoting your product or service is such a great Instagram story idea.

But there is one super important thing to understand. You must NOT overdo it.

If you are going to overpromote, people will mark your stories in their minds as the “promotional” ones, and they will stop watching them.

Create A Wallpaper

Creating wallpapers is a better Instagram story idea than you might think as it holds more power than anything else.


Not only that the story is going to perform well, but if they will decide to use the wallpaper on their phone, they will see you every time they turn the screen on.

And you can bet that it is more times per day than you can count.

So, if you want to build a strong brand, this is something that you must try.

Share A Post Or Reel

Example of promoting a post in stories from Filip Konecny
Example of sharing a post in stories form Filip Konecny

Another extremely easy Instagram story idea is to simply share one of your recent posts or reels.

If you want the post to get more reach and engagement, re-sharing it to stories is one of the easiest things to do, and it also means that you have a story for a day! (If you don’t want to post more of them.)

The way you do it is by simply clicking the ‘paper plane’ icon under the post and then tapping the “share the post to the story”.

And voila!

Then all you have to do is to play with the way you will structure it and you have a great story that is ready to go.

Tell A Story In A Video

This is something that is heavily underrated. Telling stories is the BEST way to build relationships with your audience and show your authority.

If you tell a good story, it is going to make people emotional, they will relate to it, and they will want to end up in the position that you are in now.

In other words, you build trust and relationships while you sell.

And that is why this is such an amazing Instagram story idea.

All you have to do is to record a video telling an epiphany bridge story, share it in stories, and then finish the story by adding a link or a call to action to buy a product or service that will help them get to the same point.

It works like crazy and you should try it out.

Survey Your Audience

Example of asking a question in stories to survey your audience from Filip Konecny
Example of asking a question in stories to survey your audience from Filip Konecny n.2

One of the best benefits of Instagram stories is the amazing stickers that you can use. And by simply asking a question you have a great Instagram story that is going to work.

However, the reason why asking questions is such an amazing Instagram story idea is because you can use those questions to survey your audience.

That way, you can consistently improve and grow your business. It is super important.

So, try asking a few questions and survey your audience consistently. It works really well.

Share A Quote

Example of sharing a quote in Instagram stories from Filip Konecny

Sharing a simple quote is an amazing idea to add value to your audience’s lives, and build the brand that you want.

Cheering up and inspiring your followers is the best way to become an attractive character that they are going to look up to.

So, sharing some quotes in Instagram stories is an awesome idea you want to try.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
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