4 Ways To Use Influencers For Instagram Marketing

Using influencers in your Instagram marketing strategy can be extremely powerful if you want to reach new people and get more customers.

The question is, how to do that?

Well, if you’re a rookie, the only thing you’d probably use influencers in Instagram marketing for is to promote your products and services.

But there are more ways to use them.

And in this amazing blog post, I am going to show all of them to you…

Directly Promote Your Products/Services

Morgan Rose Moroney influencer marketing for Gymshark
Britanny Lipton's profile with a code that is used for influencer marketing on Instagram
Lucas O' Keefe promoting Latercon as  a part of inlfuencer marketing campaign on Instagram

This is the most common way how you as a business owner can use influencers in your Instagram marketing strategy.

You just choose the right influencer with the right audience, pay them a fee, and they are going to promote your product or service to their audience on Instagram in a post.

Almost anybody can do this as it is really simple and quick.

But chances are that there is not going to be any long-term relationship that is going to come out of it.

So, if possible, try to close a long-term deal with the influencer and make them become ambassadors of your brand.

That is the next level of using influencers in Instagram marketing as it is going to provide you with a flow of traffic and sales for a long period of time…

And the best part is that it’s going to get you credibility which I’m going to talk with you about in a while.

Create “Influencer” Content For Your Brand

Influencer post on Gymshark's profile
Using Instagram influencer marketing to create content on the Gymshark's profile

This is a super-powerful way to use influencers for your Instagram marketing. Why? Because it is going to build an unbelievable amount of trust for your brand, the content is going to be a strong incentive to move MASSES of their followers to your profile…

…and in the end, making them enter the sales process and buy.

But there is one thing that you have to understand. All of the factors that I am going to talk about now, beginning with this tip are long-term relationships.

There’s no way you’re going to do a one-time deal with influencers to promote your product or service, and then make them create content for you. Impossible.

But if you’re going to make them your brand ambassadors and sign a contract with them, that’s a different story.

You can ask them to make a piece of content for you in a week, or a month that you’re going to post on your own profile, or that you’re going to post using the “collab” feature (meaning that one post is going to show up on both profiles for more exposure.)

If you do that, it’s going to show up on their profile as well, and you’re going to get extra followers and traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

Brittany Lupton's profile with an affiliate code for Instagram influencer marketing for Gymshark

When you check the example above, you can see that this ambassador of Gymshark has a special code in their bio “BRITT”.

That’s an affiliate code that is going to show that the person that has bought is coming from the influencer.

In other words, they get paid based on the sales that they make. And that is a HEAVY motivator for them to promote your brand. Why?

The more sales they make, the more money they make.

That means, when they shoot a photo, they’re going to wear your stuff (if you’re in the clothing business), they are going to promote you in every caption, mention you in videos, and share the code everywhere they can as they will make more money when they get you new customers.

It is literally like a money-printing machine because you’re basically paying them something like $1,000 to be a partner and then they will have a chance to earn more money when they refer new sales using the code.

The way you decide how much you pay them when somebody buys using the code is simple. First, you can have a fixed rate for a sale made (which is not what I recommend), or second, you can pay them commissions on the sale.

That’s the better thing as they are going to get paid fairly, and you will be GUARANTEED to make a profit with every sale.

So, if you choose the right influencer, you’re going to pay the $1,000 plus the commissions to them without a problem, they will be satisfied, you will make a ton of money by using them in your Instagram marketing strategy, and both will win.

But again, this can be only done with a LONG-TERM partnership. If you ask them to promote your product or service and give them an affiliate link or code, it is not going to work well.

The Credibility Flag

What is one of the most interesting things is that if you sign a long-term partnership with an influencer, the thing that you can do is use them as the credibility flagship of your brand.

What does that mean? For (extreme) example, if I would sign a partnership with Kylie Jenner, and I’d be a national beauty brand, I would decide to pay her an extra $10,000,000 to be able to use them on the cover of our products and services, show her in ads, etc.

Can you imagine the impact this would make on the credibility of a brand that nobody basically knew before?

Yes, everybody would instantly trust our brand, and Kylie would act as a magnet for customers because she has fans, and relationships with people, and they TRUST her.

And that trust transitions on the brand that she would be a partner of.

You can do the SAME thing for your brand.

If you sign a long-term partnership with an influencer and they become your ambassador…if they have a big following, or if they achieved something great, you want to use them as a credibility flagship for your brand.

That will make all of the Instagram followers you have, and all of the people that will discover you using Instagram, instantly trust you and buy from you.

You’ll literally be a conversion machine that will make more sales than you can handle. Isn’t that cool?

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