The Ultimate Guide To Starting In Affiliate Marketing

As you might know, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make your first $1 online. But how to start affiliate marketing?

That’s the question most people can’t answer…because they do it WRONG.

They think affiliate marketing is going to TikTok, putting the affiliate link in your bio and spamming the links everywhere you can.

And they make no sales. It doesn’t work like that.

Instead, use this guide and MAX OUT your conversions using the hidden way to do affiliate marketing that most people don’t know about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to know how to start doing affiliate marketing effectively, you must first understand what it is.

Affiliate marketing means promoting other businesses products or services and getting paid a commission every time you make a sale.

It can be 10% or even 100%. It all depends on the product and the business that you are promoting.

However, when most people think of starting in affiliate marketing, they think of something like promoting products on Amazon making a 5% commission, and getting paid only once for it.

But that is not how you make any real money. You want to do this instead…

Choosing Your First Affiliate Program

This is one of the most essential steps of the entire affiliate marketing.

If you choose the wrong affiliate program you are going to struggle from the beginning to the moment you leave, no matter how much stuff you sell.

So, how are you going to choose the right affiliate program that you will be able to make the most money with?

There are 3 main steps that you need to follow:

  1. It must have a recurring commission (you get paid every month.)
  2. The commission needs to be high (above 30%.)
  3. The product or service delivers on its promises and ideally, is in demand.

If you neglect only one of these steps, you are going to have a huge problem.

So, let’s break these steps down a little bit.

First, the program needs to have a recurring commission.

This is extremely important if you want to make affiliate marketing a big part of your income and actually provide you with passive income.

What most people do wrong is that they promote something like a book or some sort of a physical product that they get paid only one time for making a sale.

It only results in one thing – to make money you have to work hard, hustle, and sell, sell, sell.

Instead, you want to promote something like software that they have to pay for every month in order to keep using it…

…because that means you are going to get paid every month they pay the company for the subscription. It is a source of passive income that you don’t have to work for once you make a sale.

WARNING: The affiliate program has to directly mention that you get paid a recurring commission. If they don’t you can promote software but you will still get paid just once.

The second step is choosing a program that offers high commission rates.

Who would want to sell something they make $1 from? I hope you don’t want to slave for a number like that.

Always choose affiliate programs with high commission rates (at least 30%) so that you get paid $30 instead of $1-5 for the $100 product or service that you sell.

Believe me, it makes a huge difference.

And last, you have to make sure that the product or service that you want to promote actually delivers on its promise.

In other words, try using it.

It is important because if you promote something that is a scam or doesn’t deliver, not only will the company lose trust and be hated by those who bought, but your audience will also lose credibility with you because YOU promoted it.

It is not something that you can afford as an influencer nor a normal brand.

But now, let’s move on to the second step in this affiliate marketing strategy, which is actually building a sales funnel for the product service that you affiliate…

Building An Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

To successfully sell the affiliate product or service, you can’t just spam the affiliate link everywhere you can.

What you need to do instead is build a sales funnel that is going to MAX OUT your conversions, and actually let you follow up with those who didn’t buy for the first time they see the thing.

Here is what the best affiliate marketing sales funnel looks like…

The affiliate marketing sales funnel

Let me walk you exactly step by step through how to build it…

1. Lead-Squeeze Page

This is a page that you use to capture the contact information of your dream customers so that you can actually follow up with them if they don’t buy, and sell them something else if they do.

It looks really simple. It consists of a headline, image, and subscription form. Here is an example of a lead-squeeze page that you can model.

The lead-squeeze page for one of my free Instagram marketing bundles

It literally looks as simple as this.

However, instead of a bundle, you are most likely going to offer them access to the free video on the bridge page where you are going to sell them the affiliate product/service.

Let’s take a look at the bridge page…

2. The Bridge Page

The bridge page consists of a headline, video, and the offer…

And because the key to making this funnel work is not just to sell the affiliate product, but to actually make the offer irresistible, you have to add some bonuses to the offer.

They have to be relevant, valuable, and in short,

they have to be so good that they would spend the money just to get the bonuses without the affiliate offer.

Here is an example of one of my bridge pages that you can model…

The affiliate marekting sales funnel bridge page

3. The Sales Page Of The Business You’re An Affilaite For

I am not going to spend any time here as you have no control over that page.

Your only goal is to drive traffic from the bridge page to this sales page and ensure that the traffic is ready to buy before they even visit this.

Driving Traffic To The Sales Funnel

And of course, the last thing that you need to do to make a ton of affiliate sales is to fill the affiliate marketing sales funnel with a ton of people who have the ability to buy the product or service that you are promoting.

But how are you going to do that if you have no budget for ads?

Use social media.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to the sales funnel if you have little or no budget for paid ads.

My favorite platform is Instagram, but you are going to choose your platform based on your target customer.

Yes, you need to create your buyer persona even for affiliate marketing or you are hardly going to make any sales.

And based on where they are congregating, you are going to go to that platform.

Once you do, there is only one last thing you need to do, and that is to get in front of them. However, that is something that would take too long for me to cover here, but my blog is flushed with information on how to do that, so crawl through it and use social media to drive a ton of traffic today.

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