How To Reach Explore Page

Explore page is one of the most powerful ways to reach your dream customers on Instagram. But getting on it is not easy…

…if you don’t have 100,000 followers or don’t know the right tactics. How do they look like?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today.

So, let’s dive in.

Make Sure You Have A High Quality Score

Instagram quality score

To reach explore you need a high-quality score.


Explore has its algorithm, based on the user’s interests. This is how to tell the algorithm what your content is about…

However, how do you increase your quality score?

Your quality score is all about how trustworthy your Instagram page is.

Getting tagged is like a vote of confidence – it tells the algorithm that your page is valuable. And that’s why it is so important.

Also, you want to write captions that are related to your industry, and your posts will be shown to similar accounts.

Other factors that determine your category are – alt text, hashtags, your bio, and more.

Here’s how the algorithm things when you post:

the explore page algorithm

When you understand this, you will be able to get your content to the explore page ASAP.

But remember one thing…before you will start telling me how wrong I am, you can get on the explore page only after you’ve reached the 1,000 followers milestone.

However, there are also other tips that can be helpful on your journey to the explore page…

Create Savable Content

The content that gets on explore page is the content that usually has the most saves. And if your content is not going to get any saves at all, you’re not most likely going to get there.

But what does it take to create savable content?

Well, it is easy. It has to be USEFUL, UNIQUE, AND ULTRA-SIMPLE.

That’s it. First, let’s look at the usefulness. The content that tends to get the most saves are educational carousels or single-image infographics.

That is because people are most likely going to use them in the future and that is why they are going to hit the save button.

It is really simple. Think about the last time you have done it. It works, doesn’t it?

Second, you have to be unique.

If your content is useful, it is most likely going to perform well. But if it is unique you will take it to the next level.

Unique content is ALWAYS performing 10X better than any other post that you could imagine. It is an advantage that you don’t want to throw away…

But how to make your content unique? There are three ways to do that:

  • Unique demonstration
  • Unique concepts
  • NEW topics

If your post is compliant with one of these things, you are on a way to hit the explore page!

Third, you want to make your content ultra-simple.

NOBODY is going to engage with complex content. And to get on the explore page you need a ton of engagement.

So, you have to keep it simple. Don’t use jargon, complex equations, and any of that.

Explain the topic to a chimpanzee brain and you are good.

Share Infographics

Best instagram content creation tools infographic

For some reason, infographics are always working more than well.

If you want to get on the explore page, it is one of the most savable types of content that you can make.

And the more value you can pump into the image, the better it is going to perform.

But there is something that you have to keep in mind – infographics are not always going to work.

They will work only when they are relevant.

And that is super-essential to keep in mind.

Irrelevant infographics have 0 performance.

To make them relevant you need to know your target audience.

So, study them using polls, surveys, question stickers, insights, etc. It is worth it.

Share Reels

Example of an Instagram reel

Reels weren’t working so well when it comes to getting on the explore page before, but now it is more than fantastic.


Because Instagram is promoting them like CRAZY!

And that is why when you create them, you can get on explore page pretty easily.

This is the only type of content where education is not necessary and you can entertain instead.

Try it out, you will love how effective it is!

Use CTAs To Get More Engagement

Now, you’re probably telling yourself…

“Filip, I heard that thousands of times! Why the hell are you mentioning it here?”

Well, I am mentioning it here because it is important. But don’t worry, I am slamming my head into the wall as well because I don’t know what some people still don’t get about this.

But who cares?

Your call to action will help you increase your Instagram engagement, and because of that you will rank higher on hashtags and explore which is going to explode your growth…

Here are 20 CTA templates that I use quite often:

Goal: Boosting Likes

  • Like this post if_______
  • Like if you are committed to______
  • Double tap if you agree______
  • Double tap if you like this post_______
  • Did you enjoy this? Like this post if yes!

Goal: More Comments

  • Comment below if you have any questions
  • Let me know what you think in the comments
  • Do you agree? Comment below…
  • Which______is your favorite?
  • Drop a ❤️ below if_______

Goal: Boosting Sales (This has nothing to do with explore)

  • Click the link in my bio to check it out!
  • Order by clicking the link in the bio!
  • Book your spot by_____!
  • DM me______if you are interested
  • DM me for more info

Goal: Boosting Shares & Tags

  • Tag a friend who_______
  • Send to a biz buddy that would love this
  • Share to someone who needs to see this
  • Tag 3 people who can relate
  • Tag someone who______you!

When you will use these CTAs you will be able to increase the amount of engagement the post is going to get and that way there is a higher chance of hitting the explore page.

CTAs are something that you have to use.

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Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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