Secrets Of A Killer Social Media Marketing Plan

If you want to get new customers using social media marketing, you need to have the right plan. But how are you going to create it?

That’s a great question. And this blog post is the answer.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a killer social media marketing plan from scratch that works.

Are you excited? If so, let’s begin.

The Basics

First of all, you need to get your mindset right. DON’T SKIP THIS STEP! If you want to win, this is going to be crucial for you.

To succeed on social media and create a plan that will work, you have to give up the gimme/gimme more mentality.

It just doesn’t work.

What works is wearing the value hat and actually contributing to the community.

If you’ve ever heard Gary Vee speaking about social media marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, etc. you definitely know that this is the core of everything he does.

The more valuable you are the more people are you going to attract.

But as you might know, value means different things to different people.

And that is why you MUST study your target audience.

If they need to learn how to bake a loaf of bread and you will teach them how to plant trees…it’s not going to be valuable to them.

Why? Because they don’t need to know how to plant trees. They need to know how to bake a bread.

Valuable content is always relevant. Period. End of story.

Moving on, this gets us to another point – your content.

example of an amazing Instagram post
example of a fantastic Instagram carousel

Your content is the ultimate foundation on every social media.

If your tweets are bad nobody is going to like them.

If your Instagram posts are terrible, they won’t have any reach and there is also no way that you are going to grow.

What actually matters is to make the content as great as possible! Go into detail, educate, inspire, inform, or entertain your audience…

Pay attention to the DESIGNS…

Your content is 80% of your social media success.

No growth hacks or engagement strategies will have bigger impact than that.

But now, let’s move on to the social media marketing plan itself…

1. How Are You Going To Attract Followers?

man holding a magnet

This is the first question you will have to answer when creating your social media marketing plan.

Before we go on, I highly recommend that you get a pen and paper and actually write down a detailed version of the answers.

Do you have it? All right, let’s continue…

As you might know, if nobody knows about your social media profile, you will have no traffic to drive to your sales funnels, and that way you will get no customers.

That is why your social media marketing plan has to answer this question. How are you going to attract new followers to your profile?

If you are on Twitter it can be commenting, or collaborating with another person.

If you are on Instagram it can be guest posting, engagement strategy, getting on the SFY lists, getting your content on the explore page, using hashtags, using geotags, etc.

If you are on LinkedIn you can try to use Gary Vee’s $1.80 strategy he developed mainly for Instagram but said that it is working on LinkedIn as well.

Or you might go live on Facebook with other influencers. Or if you have a large budget you can buy ads, shoutouts, etc. (I am not a fan of that but it can work.)

It depends on you.

Actually, you can use what I just told you about as a foundation for the things that you will write down.

And yes, creativity really helps here. If you are the first one who does something, it is going to be super effective.

However, I want to mention one last thing before we will proceed to the next step. Follow/unfollow, using bots, buying followers, spamming in the DMs, and so on is NOT an option.

If you will do those things, not only you are going to roast in hell for it, but the social media platform that you are using is also going to BAN you on the way there.

So, if you don’t want to ruin all of your efforts in a microsecond you should avoid these things at all costs.

I hope I made that clear.

All right, have you written down what are you going to do? If so, let’s move on…

2. How Are You Going To Nurture Followers You Already Have?

nurturing a plant

If you want to make sales, you will have to do probably one of the most important things on your social media marketing plan.

And that is nurturing your followers or audience (whichever you like the most.)

Why is it so crucial for your social media marketing success?

Because there is not a way that you can sell something and get people to engage (like and comment…not the thing you have thought about) with your content every day unless you build strong relationships with your followers.

Of course, I want you to write down the answer on a paper and be detailed.

Here are some ways that you can nurture your social media following:

  1. Flood your profile with jaw-dropping social media content every day
  1. Never, ever underestimate the power of replying to your comments and personal messages.
  1. If you want to build trust, you will have to give your brand a FACE. That means you’ll have to dig deeper into your background.
  1. Always overdeliver in everything you do. If you want to win, you will have to outvalue your competitors.

If you will do this consistently there is a great chance that you will turn your followers into fans that are on fire and WANTING MORE!

And when they do, it is time to answer the last question for your social media marketing plan…

3. How Are You Going To Turn Followers Into

When you are going to write this answer down, it might be a little bit tricky and that is why I want you to wait for a while.

Of course, you can try monetizing your social media in an old school way and just putting a link to your product in the bio, but sooner than later you will realize that you are not making any sales.

When you decide it is time to extract some money from your following you want to do 2 things:

  1. Prepare a campaign (it doesn’t have to be paid.)
  2. Build the right funnel.

The right sales funnel is going to easily TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your sales.

And yes, I am serious. If you are making $10,000 from your social media you can be making $40,000 by a flick of a switch.

But how are you going to build a sales funnel that works?

It is kinda simple.

First, you can “funnel hack” (in other words, model) one of the sales funnels that are already converting.

That means you go through all of the pages of a sales funnel that already converts and you will use it for your own social media as well.

If you want you can check Russell Brunson to discover more about this topic. He is the sales funnel KING now.

Second, you can build your own funnel.

The problem with this is that you need to know a lot of stuff to do that like what are bridge pages, OTO offers, order bumps, VSLs, lead-squeeze pages, soap opera sequences, and on and on.

Sure, if you already know this stuff – GO FOR IT!

But if you don’t, I highly recommend opting for the first option and modeling a sales funnel that already works.

It can result in more than a healthy amount of money in your bank.

All right, now is the time to write down your sales funnel. Got it? If so, your social media marketing plan is completed.

All you have to do is to implement it and stay consistent.

Without consistency there is no success, so keep posting and working on your social media marketing every single day.

There is no other way.

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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