Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Instagram marketing is super effective yet most of the entrepreneurs are missing out on 80% of the results that they could get from their strategy.

And that is a HUGE problem.

Missing such an amount of results is deadly and you have to do your best to avoid it. And because I want you to succeed, today I will show you 7 things that you’re probably heavily underestimating…

…but once you start working on them, your brand is going to grow on Instagram super fast and you’ll end up making a ton of sales.

So, let’s check these things out!

1. Build The Right Sales Funnel

sales funnel demonstration image

This is a step that most entrepreneurs often neglect and it costs them a tremendous amount of sales.

If you’re new to the concept of sales funnels, a sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to purchase…and to make them promoters of your brand.

It is an essential component of your Instagram marketing strategy as you use Instagram to drive traffic to the funnel and then selling them through it.

The question is, how do you build the right sales funnel?

Well, that is a complex question to cover here, but I will try to break it down for you.

When people discover your Instagram page, they are usually cold traffic – they don’t know who you are, nor what you do.

But through your content, on your account, or blog, etc. you will start warming them up.

You will build relationships with them and that way you will turn them into warm traffic that you can start driving to your sales funnel.

That is the reason why free content is a part of your value ladder and you should always create it if you want to scale your business.

When you start driving the warm traffic to your sales funnel, you want to do two things:

  1. Get their contact information so that you can follow up through email, SMS, etc.
  1. After you do that, instantly redirect them to one of your sales pages where you will try to make them buy whatever you’re selling.

Remember, that it is of crucial importance for your Instagram marketing strategy to sell them a low-ticket (front-end) product now.

If you will try to sell them a $945.78 product when they see you for the first time, they will run away and probably never buy from you at all.

You have to make them customers first. Then you can sell them something more expensive.

If they will decide to buy and they will put in the credit card information, you also have to do this…

…ADD UPSELLS! You can TRIPLE your profits by adding upsell pages to your offers. They look like this:

one time offer example

I recommend adding 2-3 upsell pages after they decide to buy. More than that can become annoying and they will decide not to buy from you in the future because of that.

It is essential that you add them!

And the last page of your funnel is, of course, the thank you page.

Here you will tell them how they can access their purchase (or shipping details) and the next step that they should take.

It is really important that you pay attention to this model and that you work on your funnel day in and day out.

Of course, there are a ton of different funnels, and what I’ve just shown you is a simple but powerful example that you should use.

But remember that it’s not your limit at all.

However, there is another thing that most entrepreneurs forget to make on Instagram and it costs them a lot of results. Do you want to know what it is?

Well, let’s take a look at it…

2. Study Your Target Audience

the target audience

I know that this might sound like a no-brainer to you, but it is super important for your Instagram marketing strategy, yet most entrepreneurs totally neglect it.

The thing that the majority of the entrepreneurs think that they KNOW their target audience so that they put their thoughts about them on paper and structure their Instagram marketing strategy around that.

Well, that is so dangerous and silly that I can’t even say the harsh words I would normally do, here.

You can’t structure your Instagram marketing strategy around your thoughts. You have to get DIRECT answers from your target audience…

In short, you need to study them. But how can you do that?

Well, there are three ways I do that:

  1. Quora
  2. Creating Surveys
  3. Having A Conversation With A Prospect And Asking Them Questions

All of those things are really effective.

But there is still one question left, what should you try to discover about them? Well, everything.

But for starters here is a list of questions that you want to get answers to:

10 questions to ask about your audience

Once you answer as many of these questions as possible, you will start creating everything in your Instagram marketing based on the answers…including your Instagram content, engagement strategy, funnels, etc.

But again, this has to be answered based on real facts not based on your thoughts. So, be careful about what you do…

3. Don’t Forget About Your Content

creating raving content

Creating the right Instagram content is probably the most important part of your whole Instagram marketing strategy at all.


Because everything depends on it.

You can’t grow without great content, you can’t drive any traffic to your website without great content, and certainly, you won’t make any sales without great content.

But the problem with that is, that content creation is something that is way too complex to cover here.

You need to design it the right way, you need to structure it the right way, you gotta use the right hooks, you need to have the right content pillars, and on and on.

And that’s why I’ve written my brand new Elite Instagram Content Creation Cheatsheet E-book.

In it, you’re going to discover my EXACT content creation system that no Instagram expert is ever going to show to you…

…that will let you create attractive Instagram content in less than 30 minutes!

So, be ready when it comes out on August 1st!

You will love it.

4. Don’t Forget That Instagram Is Just A Source Of Traffic

driving traffic to the website

This is another extremely important point for your Instagram marketing strategy that most entrepreneurs neglect…

…Instagram is not meant to be used as a sales tool! You sell people in your sales funnel. Instagram is just a source of traffic that you use to drive traffic to your funnel.

And that is something that changes your whole game.

You will no longer try to sell them in your posts, but you will try to make them click on the link in your bio or swipe up in the stories…

That requires a hell of less persuasion.

If you were trying to sell people through Instagram up to this point, change your perception and start using it to drive traffic now!

5. Leverage Instagram Reels

recording an instagram reel

Instagram reels are more than powerful now. Instagram has started to heavily promote them and you can get a sh*tload of views if you use them.

It is a component of your Instagram marketing strategy that you definitely shouldn’t neglect.

But the problem is, how are you going to create a great reel? Well, here is my step-by-step process for creating it…

Find A Topic

First of all, you have to find the topic that you are going to create your Instagram reel around. Is it bodybuilding, squats, email marketing, or design?

Well, that depends on you, but don’t skip this step, it is absolutely essential.

Imagine How The Reel Is Going To Look Like

This is an important step. Now you have to actually imagine how the final product is going to look like. Are you going to dance, record your screen, or create some funny scene?

And once you know that imagine exactly how the video is going to be structured.

Know what tips will you share and how you’re going to deliver the value before you even hit “record”.

Follow This Reel Formula

As with everything, even reels have a proven formula that you should follow to get the best results.

And that is why I will share it with you now…

The first 0-3 sec. should contain a hook.

The next 3-25 sec. should be the part where you show your content.

And the last 25-30 sec. should contain a CTA.

But remember that you can modify this formula and the final reel does no need to have 30 seconds.

You can have a 15-second reel, but the time frames should stay in the same ratio.

Record The Reel

Once you have everything ready, it is time to start recording your reel. Do everything that you’ve planned and then edit the video to make sure that it looks as sexy as possible.

Create A Cover Image

This is extremely important as you need to maintain your profile grid consistently and also hook them in when they see it.

Your cover image has to be 100% attention-grabbing and it must stay consistent with your branded style.

Post The Reel

And the last step is to post the reel! Write a caption, add hashtags and you’re ready to go!

All right, do you like this process, if so you can start using it right away! But now let’s move to another thing that you have to follow…

6. Engage…A LOT!

commenting on other people’s posts

Engaging with other people is vital for your Instagram marketing strategy.

It is the way you build trust with your target audience, and it is also the way you expose yourself to new people (especially in the beginning.)

However, engaging on Instagram is way more than just commenting “😍😎😋” on as many posts as possible.

You need to have a great engagement strategy in order to become successful at this.

But don’t worry, I got you covered.

Here is my favorite Instagram engagement strategy even a beginner can follow to get some great results from his Instagram…

50 Comments On Hashtags

If you want to start growing and getting more engagement, commenting on hashtags is one of the best things that you can do.

Gary Vee has promoted this a lot in his $1.80 strategy, and whether you like it or not, it works.

Just go to a relevant hashtag in your industry, and check if there is some relevant and good-quality content in there…

…and start commenting.

But there is one thing that you have to keep in mind. NOT EVERY comment counts. You have to be valuable in your comments.

Congratulate them, give them feedback, etc.

But make sure that you are valuable in some way.

Otherwise, the comments that you are going to post will not have any effect whatsoever.

50 Comments On Accounts From Comment Sections

This is something that you have to do because you will be able to drive people that ARE WILLING TO ENGAGE to your profile.

If you want you can even stop commenting on hashtags and instead of 50 comments here make 100 comments.

It is really powerful.

All you have to do is just visit the account of a leading account in your industry, go to the comment section of one of their posts, and start visiting the accounts of the people who have commented there and comment there.

It is amazing!

Respond To Every Comment

Well, obviously, it is not a necessity when you get 500 comments on every post, but it is extremely powerful when it comes to building trust with your audience and giving them the reason to like and comment on your posts again, again, and again.

Always try to respond to as many comments as you can in order to get some amazing results and grow faster than you could ever imagine before.

All right, that’s it. Of course, you can engage in Instagram lives, stories, etc.

But this is the foundation that you should follow.

It is going to help your Instagram marketing strategy a lot, so don’t neglect it.

7. Reciprocity Is The Key Here

man holding a magnifying glass emphasizing the word value

This is probably the most important thing of them all. No matter what happens, you have to be valuable in everything you do on Instagram.

If you give you are going to get.

However, being valuable is not just a thing that is related to the content that you create.

You have to be valuable in every way including answering your DMs, being willing to give advice in comments, etc.

However, whether you like it or not, you have to be careful about not giving away too much. You have to share just pieces of the puzzle.

To get the whole answer, they will have to buy your product or service. Otherwise, there is not going to be a need to buy your stuff and you won’t make any sales.

However, the way you structure this is based on your Instagram marketing strategy. I can’t advise you about that as everybody’s business model is different a little bit.

So, do what works best for you!

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Filip Konecny is an elite entrepreneur, marketer, and author of 5 marketing books who helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers in over 80+ countries get new customers, grow their businesses online, and make their voices heard. He has reached over 8,000,000+ entrepreneurs, built a following of tens of thousands of people, and been featured and written for some of the top marketing blogs like Jeff Bullas,, and Social Champ. Filip has entrepreneurship in his heart and believes that if you sell a product or service that helps people and makes this world better, it’s your DUTY to make your voice heard, sell it, and change the world. And he’s here to show you do that.

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