7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Instagram Marketing

Finally, you are on Instagram. Your profile is set up, and you are ready to take off your Instagram marketing like a rocket…

…well, before you do so, then you should understand that some mistakes can tear your whole Instagram empire down.

And that is why you must be aware of them at all costs.

You see, making the mistakes that I am going to show you is one of the main reasons I have struggled for over 300 days without seeing any results.

And I continued doing them again, again, and again.

It was bad.

My Instagram account was like a car with emergency brakes on. I pressed the pedal but I wasn’t moving because of that.

However, when I stopped doing these mistakes something has happened. I released the breaks and my growth has sped up to 800 miles per hour.

Bugatti would suck If I would compare it to this.

And that’s the same thing that is going to happen to you when you will stop making these Instagram mistakes. Your growth will explode!

That’s why I want you to pay massive attention to everything I will show you.

Turn off the Facebook, stop checking your cell phone (except if you are reading this post on it), and let’s dive into this…

1. You Are Not Checking The Analytics

instagram analytics

This is the biggest mistake beginners often make on Instagram…and that I have made in the beginning as well.

Whether you like it or not, you have to check the analytics to improve your Instagram strategy every single day.

You have to check your engagement rate, you have to check the reach, you have to check your overall growth, you have to track the times when your posts have performed the best, and on and on.

If you are not going to track it, you are most likely going to fail. Why? Because you are just drifting around with no direction.

You are doing random stuff without even knowing whether or not it is going to perform well.

And that is something you can’t afford when you are doing Instagram marketing.

If you will neglect the data, you will lose a ton of time on things that don’tt work, you will lose a ton of money because your sales message and your content are going to suck…

…and on and on.

It is deadly so please avoid that.

2. You Are Not Engaging With The Community

Engaging with other users on instagram

Now let’s get real if you want to grow on Instagram you just have to engage.

There is no other way to drive traffic to your profile.

So, what you have to do is to create an engagement schedule that you are going to follow every single day.

The question is, how do you do that? 

Well, let’s say that you are busy and you don’t have more than one hour that you can invest in Instagram marketing.

Then you have to block out the time throughout the day to do that.

Meaning that I don’t know, if you are waiting in the line or you are getting a consultation and you are waiting for the mentor to come…just pull off your phone and start engaging with the community.

However, you should still have a normal schedule that you should follow every single day that looks like this:

  • 15-minutes of commenting on hashtags in the morning.
  • 15-minutes of commenting on the big account in the afternoon. 
  • 30 minutes of engagement in the Instagram lives or commenting on your follower’s posts in the evening.

The thing is that you just have to engage. There is no other way to grow.

Unless you have 100k followers and you’re your audience is sharing your account and everywhere then you just have to engage.

And even though you can be in this place, you still have to show that you care about the community, engage with them, and care about them.

Now let me give you a killer engagement strategy that Gary Vee shares to almost everybody who asks him how to grow their Instagram.

 it is called the $1.80 strategy.  

Now, what does it mean? 

It means that you will leave to 9 cents on 9 posts on 10 different hashtags every single day. 

When you do the math…

2 cents x 9 x 10 = $1.80.

But remember what you have to do is to choose relevant hashtags that are without spammy posts and that are not dead.

That means that in the top 9 posts aren’t any posts older than 1 month.

Once you have the list then all you have to do is go to the hashtags, comment on the posts, and see the numbers of followers you will get, rise.

Now when you know this engagement strategy I believe that you will avoid making the mistake of not engaging with other people.

It is deadly.

Alright did you get it?

Amazing so let’s move to mistake number 3 which is not having the right content strategy.

 3. You Don’t A Content Strategy

Whether you like it or not you have to create a great content strategy to make sure that you are maximizing your potential when it comes to getting as many eyeballs as possible to your Instagram account…

…and turning as many followers as you can into customers.

 But, how does an effective Instagram content strategy looks like?

 Well, what you should try to do is to use almost every content type you can.  

By saying that I mean that you should use single-image posts, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, and if you can also leveraging the power of IGTV.

The problem with that is is how should you structure your content strategy so that it is the most effective?

 Well here is how my strategy looks like:

  • Monday: I share a carousel with a tutorial.
  • Tuesday: I share an Instagram reel to maximize my reach.
  • Wednesday: I share an Instagram carousel containing a helpful list or some trick.
  • Thursday: I share another Instagram reel to make sure that I get more reach.
  • Friday: I share another Instagram carousel that contains tutorial
  • Saturday I share and another Instagram reel where I am showing some useful hack.
  • Sunday: I share a single-image post with a quote or a helpful checklist.

 It’s a great content strategy that helps me grow every single day, increases my engagement, and also helps me sell more products through Instagram.

And with all my heart I believe that it’ll do the same for you.

So, do you have your content strategy in the right place?

Awesome then we will move on to the fourth mistake which is not using the right hashtags…

4. You Don’t Use The Right Hashtags

Instagram hashtag tool

Some content creators are going to tell you that hashtags are dead.

Well, I’m here to tell you that they’re not.

Why am I saying that?

It is because the last time I used hashtags I got four times more reach than I would get if I wouldn’t use them.

 But how do you choose the right hashtags?

 That is a good question.

There is a great tool called Flick that will help you out, but the chances are that you don’t use it, so you’re probably going to do it the hard way and use Instagram to research your hashtags.

Your hashtag strategy should look like this:

  • Use 5 hashtags with a 20% lower engagement rate as you have.
  • Use 20 hashtags with the same average engagement as you have
  • Use 5 hashtags with a 20% higher engagement rate as you have

Now if you don’t use Flick at all like you’re just going to have to do the math and calculate the average engagement by yourself.

 But if you will use it, it’s going to be way easier.

 Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to use hashtags that are banned spammy or irrelevant to your content.

That would hurt your reach and it would also make you less credible because when people see it they have bad thoughts about you…

…and they’re less likely to follow you if you are just making the first impression.

Now let’s move to mistake number 5 which is not learning every single day.

5. You Don’t Learn

Book with light bulb on it

This is the most key principle of all things that I have shared with you before. If you are not learning every single day, you are not going to improve.

And if you are not going to improve, you are not going to learn.

That is the reason why I’ve written the 10X Instagram Secrets book for you.

If you will apply the astonishing insider short-cut secrets in it, you will be able to 10X your Instagram growth, engagement, traffic, and sales…forever!

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How much would your business thrive? How much freedom would you have?

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So, what are you waiting for?

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6. You Are Not Using Instagram Reels

instagram reels

Not using Instagram reels is probably one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

Instagram reels are probably the most powerful type of content that you can create now. I already talked about them before, but let’s take a look at them again.

Instagram is competing with TikTok now and that is why it has released its new feature called reels which is the same thing as TikTok’s 30-second videos.

But the fact that Instagram wants to beat its competitor resulted in one amazing thing…it has begun to heavily promote reels, and you can get a huge amount of reach by using them.


When you create a reel, Instagram shows it to everybody who might be interested in seeing it and that means you can get thousands of people to see it even if you are followed just by 10 people.

It is freaking powerful.

So, don’t forget to incorporate them into your strategy. Otherwise, you would be making a massive mistake.

7. You Are Removing Followers

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes most people make. Why? Well, there are three main reasons why people tell you it is good:

  • Reason #1: False Impression On How The Algo Works
  • Reason #2: They Think That Ghost Followers Don’t Buy
  • Reason #3: They Think Ghost Followers Hurt Their Engagement

All of this is crap, so let’s bust it…

Reason #1 – False Impression On How The Algorithm Works

No. Instagram doesn’t randomly pick 6%, 7%, 10%, or 15% of your audience, and unveils your new post to them. It works differently.

So relax. Even Instagram itself has busted this myth. Instagram will show your post only to those who they think will like it.

Reason #2 – Ghost Followers Don’t Buy

This is probably the most dangerous of them all.

The fact that some of your followers don’t double tap on your posts, doesn’t mean that they don’t see your content.

In fact, most of your ghost followers are buyers. If you will remove them, you hate money. There is no other explanation for that.

Reason #3 – Ghost Followers Kill My Engagement

This is a big one, so let’s make sure that we will burn this one to the ground.

There is a difference between engagement and engagement rate…

Engagement: Engagement is the sum of likes, comments, saves, and shares you get.

Engagement Rate: This has nothing to do with the metrics. Engagement rate is simply: Likes + comments / followers x 100

Let me show you how it works in an example…

Marcus has 10K followers, with 600 likes & comments combined.

Engagement rate: Likes + Comments / 10,000 x 100 = 6%

But Marcus has listened to a fake “expert” and he has removed 60% of his followers.

So, now he has 4,000 followers.

Engagement rate: Likes + Comments / 4,000 x 100 = 15%

Well, is he a better creator? No. In fact, he’s silly because he has lost his swipe up feature by doing it.

It is stupid, don’t remove your followers…never. (If they are bots, Instagram is going to do it itself.)

Headline for the build your Instagram empire bundle
Image of the build your Instagram empire bundle

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