5 Destroying Instagram Marketing Myths

Instagram marketing seemed so simple until the so-called Instagram marketing “gurus” filled it with destroying myths that can destroy all of your efforts.

And that is why I want you to be aware of them.

Because if you are not aware of these myths, you are going to make your decisions based on them.

And if you make your decisions based on them you are going to ride a “hell rollercoaster” that will ruin you forever…

I believe that you are already hopping on your chair, sharpening your sight, and taking a pen and paper to take notes once you discover these myths.

And you know what?

I am not going to make you wait any longer. Let’s see how these myths look like…

1. Instagram Marketing Myth – You Can’t Monetize Before 10K Followers

instagram marketing monetization

You can monetize your Instagram audience with less than 10K followers. I began my monetization with 500 followers.

The amount of followers is just a number. It has nothing to do with your monetization. I am here to tell you that the problem is not with the number of followers you have…

The problem is that you can’t monetize before you give something first. The more you give, the more you will get.

That is why I want you to start focusing on giving value instead of monetizing your audience.

Making money is a byproduct of value creation.

So, how are you going to provide value to your Instagram audience? Are you going to make your posts more clear?

Are you going to work on your design to make the post more attractive and easy to understand?

It depends on you. But be sure that every single time you are giving everything that you can. Keep on going hitting that line and you will be successful.

2. Instagram Marketing Myth – I Have Been Shadowbanned

Well, I hear this so often that I want to throw up. And I don’t want to sugarcoat it in any way.

Most people are using this as an excuse for why they are not successful with their Instagram marketing.

They want to blame something else than themselves. But, if you still think that you are shadowbanned let’s look at the facts.

You are not shadowbanned if your last 2 posts didn’t perform well.

Stop panicking about daily data. Gather information for at least 10+ posts before determining an issue.

If at least 10 of your latest posts don’t have extremely low engagement and reach compared to others, you are NOT shadowbanned.

So, stop using it as an excuse.

If there is a problem, it is you. If you want more reach and engagement, you have to stop being lazy and start engaging with the Instagram community.

You can’t win in Instagram marketing unless you consistently show up.

Got it? Alright, let’s move to another myth…

3. Instagram Marketing Myth – Don’t Reuse Hashtags Or Copy/Paste Them

instagram marketing hashtags

There is no real data to prove this. People like me have personally tested this as well. Sometimes hashtags won’t work, no matter if you copy/paste them or reuse them.

That is why I want you to stop paying so much attention to the hashtags.

Most of these Instagram gurus are telling you how it is important. Or how hashtags are the difference between life or death…

I will say it straight, it is a bullsh*t.

Hashtags only mean 1% of your overall success (if not less).

That is why instead of spending so much time doing the hashtag research you can copy/paste it from other successful creator and use it in your posts.

You should start paying more attention to different things like content or growth techniques like commenting.

In the beginning, only commenting can bring in 200 times bigger results than hashtags. So, start spending time on things that matter.

Hashtags should be your last concern.

Understood? Alright, let’s check another Instagram marketing myth…

4. Instagram Marketing Myth – The Algorithm Is Against Me

Yes, the way how Instagram showcases posts change. The new Instagram layouts prove this. It doesn’t mean that the algorithm is against you, though.

You have to experiment, find what works now and adapt to the new normal.

The best way to do that is to start using trending post formats like reels or start doing A/B testing.

Always test two different versions of your normal post format and see what brings in the most amount of results.

That is the only way you can make your Instagram marketing work.

So, if you haven’t started to test your content, do it now. Instagram algorithm is not against you. It is YOU vs. YOU.

5. Instagram Marketing Myth – Removing Followers

Instagram marketing follower removal

Here I want to dive a little bit deeper. Why people insist on advising you to remove some of your followers and why a lot of people listen to them?

Well, that is a huge question. One of the main reasons is because they think that all of the ghost followers were created equal…

And that is not true.

There are three types of ghost followers:

  • People who don’t engage (There is no reason to remove them.)
  • Bots or people who follow/unfollow trying to get to follow you back (They will unfollow you by themselves.)
  • Bots you have bought – fake followers (Remove them or Instagram is going to do that for you…)

Buying followers is dumb in every way. It is just a waste of money and all of your effort because Instagram is going to ban you.

So, in the end, there is no reason to remove followers at all, don’t you think?

Well, you might believe in that for another reason, and that is the false impression on how algorithm works.

No. Instagram doesn’t randomly pick 6%, 8%, 10% of your audience to show your post first based on their actions, keep pushing it, or take it behind the barn and shoot it.

So relax. Only people who Instagram thinks will like it, will see it. Algorithm works FOR YOU! Want more reach? Create better/more diverse/more interesting content.

Also, you might think that ghost followers don’t buy. And that must be a reason to remove them, right?

WRONG! Fake followers don’t buy.

Unengaging followers buy and they buy a lot. Our clients don’t necessarily want or have to be our buddies. They are watching, and they hit silently as a deadly cobra.

Who do you think will buy? Your engaging beastie or your fellow designer/peer/ competitor?

But, here is the reason that I hear most often.

Ghost followers kill my engagement.

Well, let me wear my nerd’s glasses for this one…

Engagement (Instagram’s metric) – the sum of likes, comments, and saves.

Engagement Rate (Nothing to do with Instagram metrics) – The total number of Likes + Comments your content receives divided by your total number of followers, multiplied by 100%.

What does that mean?

Well, let’s say Suzan has 2K followers, with 200 likes & comments combined. In that case her engagement rate is likes + comments / followers x 100 = 10%.

But, let’s say Suzan has listened to a random fake guru and removed half of her followers. So, now she has 1K followers with 200 likes & comments combined. In this case her engagement rate is likes + comments / followers x 100 = 20%.

Is she a better creator? No! Has she improved her engagement? No!

All she managed to do is getting the impression of doing better, cause of the higher engagement rate.

So, do not remove followers unless you bought them. It is dumb.

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