How To Write Sales Copy Fast

Personally, I know how frustrating it can be when a copywriting client gives you a 1-2 day deadline to write a sales copy and thinks that you can do everything in this short period.

It really hurts when you have this crazy idea in your mind, but you don’t have the time to implement it in your sales copy.

When this happens…you would rather choke the copywriting client (don’t do that.) But it happens and we have to deal with that.

Writing master sales copy takes some time, but you can cut that period extremely by using the things I will show you.

With them, you will be able to handle even the craziest copywriting client deadlines and laugh all the way to the bank.

But first, you need to pay attention. Also remember, nothing works unless you do. So, don’t just read about these awesome things, but use them.

If you won’t nothing will improve. Excited to see these stunning copywriting techniques that will let you write killer sales copy faster? If yes, let’s dive in!

1. Use Proven Copywriting Formulas

Because only rookies write sales copy from scratch, you need to use copywriting formulas so you will be able to skyrocket the speed of the writing process…

There are tons of copywriting formulas and many copywriters are making their own copywriting formulas.

But I’m only going to share things that I know actually work.


The first copywriting formula is the most famous one and it has found its way to the copywriting hall of fame.

I believe you know it. It is called AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)

Here is an infographic with a brief explanation of how it works and how to implement it in sales copy (you can download it below.)

AIDA works incredibly and if you want you can discover deep insights in my copywriting formulas blog post.

But it is not my favorite copywriting formula. The favorite copywriting formula I use the most of the time for writing sales copies is P-A-S.

P-A-S (Problem-Agitation-Solution)

Copywriters can use formulas like PAS to save time and energy versus brainstorming completely unique combinations.

Copywriting formulas use proven and effective strategies that act as fill-in-the-blank templates.

So, while many copywriters are using the same formula, the sales copy will always come out unique.

You don’t have to worry about looking like everyone else because you’re writing sales copy for a completely different audience, product, etc.

This copywriting formula can also be used for everything from blog posts to sales letters to marketing emails and everything in between, too.

The sky is the limit!

1. Problem

In this section, you want to dive deep into all the biggest problems you can solve.

Without a problem the reader has to face, there is no reason to buy at all.


“Don’t you hate it when your light bulb needs replacing? It is so annoying having to go to the shop and buy a new one.”

(Example from copywriting formulas blog post.)

2. Agitation

In this section, you want to inject emotion into that problem.

What makes the problem stressful? What emotions do people experience when they face this problem?

This stage also resonates with the reader because the reader sees that you understand the things they are experiencing by having this problem.


“Don’t you hate going to bed once the sun goes down? It’s like you’re living in the 1300s. Yes, it is stressful not being able to turn on the light. Light bulbs should be easy to find and install.”

(Example from copywriting formulas blog post.)

3. Solution

The last part of this copywriting formula is to offer a solution. This is where you will present your offer, price, and tell them how you can solve their problems.

This is also the part where you will ask them to take action. Here you will make it rain!


“Our light bulbs shine brighter and longer than any other and will have you enjoying the evenings again in no time. You don’t have to lift a finger! We will send an experienced light bulb installer to your home to install our genuine light bulbs.”

(Example from copywriting formulas blog post)

Well, copywriting formulas are the first thing that can save you mountains of time when writing sales copy. Without them, you will be writing longer than you could ever imagine, and the worst thing is that you will not sell a thing.

So, never forget to use them!

2. Build Your Own High-Quality Swipe File

Every copywriter should have his own swipe file. It is the main source of inspiration for every copywriter when writing sales copy, and it can save you hundreds of hours.

A swipe file is a collection of proven-to-convert copywriting examples.

These examples can be anything from headlines to blog post openings, and from sales emails to landing pages. Pro copywriters use swipe files to inspire their content and improve their skills.

To build a swipe file you have to stop reading and start analyzing content.

The examples in your swipe file are only useful if you will use them.

So, try to figure out why a piece of content is engaging or not, why content is persuasive or not, why content is inspirational or not.

If it is, replace the words in the phrase, sentence, or part of the sales copy with your words.

For Example, if I would be writing a sales copy about dog food that makes your dog live longer, and if I would have a headline…

“Discover How This Miracle Formula Can Improve Your Kids Marks In School…“

I would transform it into…

“Discover How This Miracle Dog Food Can Make Your Dog Live Ten Years Longer…”

Do you see how much time can you save by building your own high-quality swipe file?

It is absolutely necessary to have your own swipe file because it can save you an extreme amount of frustration and worry when writing sales copies…

And where can you find these letters, ads, etc.?

Simply give it a Google search, find some websites with these ads, look for famous copywriters like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Joseph Sugarman, etc.

There are thousands of these ads on the Internet. And every day there are new sales copies that you can add to the swipe file.

When some company announces a new product, they need to create a sales page to persuade readers to buy that product. And you will put that sales page into your swipe file.

There are also websites like swiped. co that will provide you with an archive that has hundreds of sales copies.

There are no limits when it comes to building your own swipe file.

3. Use Proven-To-Convert Fill-In-The-Blank Copywriting Scripts

Fill-in-the-blank scripts are the easiest way to write a sales copy in less than one day.

These can save you so much time that you will not be able to even handle it. Personally, I use them a lot and oftentimes I write the whole sales copy in a matter of hours.

What does a fill-in-the-blank script look like? It looks like this…


______ ______Secrets To______Finally Revealed By______ Many______Want To Keep Hidden!

“Astonishing Insider Short-Cut Secrets To Instantly Faster Times & Total Bike Control Finally Revealed By The One Expert Many Motocross Pro’s Want To Keep Hidden”

Writing a killer sales copy with scripts like this is so snappy that it will blow your socks off!

And because I know how frustrating it is to have a client that gives you shorty pants deadlines, I will give you some fill-in-the-blank scripts that will help you write killer sales copy in a matter of hours.


1. The Amazing______Secret Of A______

“The Amazing Money-Making Secret Of A Desperate Nerd From Ohio”

2. How Does______Still______ ______?

“How Does An out-of-shape 55 Year Old Golfer, Crippled By Arthritis & 71Lbs. Overweight, Still Consistently Humiliate PGA Pros In Head-To-Head Matches By Hitting Every Tee Shot Further And Straighter Down The Fairway?”

3. Who Doesn’t Like______? ______And You’ll Never Believe Why.

“Who Doesn’t Like Poker? Gamblers And You’ll Never Believe Why!”

4. Do You Make These______Mistakes In______?

“Do You Make These Costly Mistakes In English?”

5. Will You Stand The______?

“Will You Stand The Fingernail Test?”


1. Dear______,

If you want to______in the fastest time possible, this is the most important______you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

“Dear Friend,

If you want to exponentially grow your revenues in the fastest time possible, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:”

2. This is extremely time-sensitive______…so…I’m asking you to please read it right away.

“This is the extremely time-sensitive letter…so…I’m asking you to please read it right away.”

3. From this moment on forget everything you’ve ever heard about______-because______.


“From this moment on forgetting everything you’ve ever heard about making and saving money-because almost overnight you can learn to change your mailbox into a money machine.

You’ll learn how to open it six days a week for the next year to pull out a guaranteed minimum of $500-absolutely tax-free…guaranteed.”

4. Do you have the______to______but the fear that______?

Then listen to what______ has to say on______.

“Do you have the constant urge to write but the fear that a beginner hasn’t a chance?

Then listen to what Edward Weeks, so editor of the Atlantic Monthly, has to say on the subject.”

5. What if you could______, ______, or______into______?

No matter what______…______will give you the______ ______.

“What if you could turn simple YouTube videos about your passion, hobby, or skill into a profitable side-hustle…(Even if you have less than 1,000 YouTube subscribers?)

No matter what your passion, hobby, or skill is…YouTube secrets will give you the step-by-step blueprint to get your next 1,000 subscribers fast, and turn a channel of any size into a profitable side-hustle by doing something you actually enjoy.”

Presentation Of The Price

1. Would you like to try this______? Would you like to see for yourself if______? Sure you would!

And now, here’s the best part of all. This______! Yes it’s true, this_____will______.

“Would you like to try this amazing money-making blackjack system? Would you like to see for yourself if it is as profitable as I say it is? Sure you would!

And now, here’s the best part of all. This system is for FREE! Yes, it’s true, this system will not cost you anything (except $3.00 to cover the cost of printing, postage, and handling.)”

2. [Bullets]

Now, to top it all off…

Instead Of Paying $______, The Price You Would Need To Pay To______, You Can______-For Only $______

______…where it will be investment of $______to ______.

And for______, you would typically need to pay______.

But as______your______won’t be even fraction of that…

Since my goal is to______…

You’ll only need to invest $______to______

This is because______.

So this means______…


And______taken care of.

All you need to do is______.


Now to top it all off…

Instead Of Paying Me $10,000.00 The Price, You Would Need To Pay To Attend My Other Private Events, You Can Be At This Event – For Only $997.00 Per Ticket

In May 2021 I will be hosting a small private event…where it will be a $10,000.00 investment to attend.

And for a longer event like this, you would typically need to pay $5,000.00.

But as my student…your event fees for this won’t be even a fraction of that…

Since my goal is to have as many students to attend…

You’ll Only Need To Invest In A $997.00 Non-Refundable Ticket

This is because we have so many people coming, we want to make sure only people who show they are committed can have a seat.

So this means all of your venue costs…

Costs for decor…sound systems…stage equipment…etc.

And everything else you would normally pay for with your ticket is already taken care of.

All you need to do is show you’re committed to showing up.”

3. Own this______that______for just $______-and you’ll never______again. It comes with______guarantee. In the unlikely event that_______-we will______.

“Own this deluxe set of knives that never need sharpening for just $19.95-and you’ll never buy another set of knives again. It comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. In the unlikely event that any of these knives should break-we will replace any or all of them free of charge-forever.”


1. This is tremendous opportunity. As I said no one else in_____even knows about the______that______. We only found out about it by______.

But it’s______, and it’s here for you to try if you’re ready.

So______right now. You may not get a second chance______, ______.

“This is a tremendous opportunity. As I said no one else in bodybuilding even knows about the research that uncovered this exciting pheromone. We only found out about it by accident.

But it’s real, and it’s here for you to try if you’re ready.

So order right now. You may not get a second chance at being the first in the line, forever, at the lowest price this product will ever sell for.”

2. We are confident that this______will______ ______. Why not start today?

For easy______, _____. Or______.

“We are confident that this book will help you increase your profits by at least $7,000 and up to $100,000 or more in the next 12 months. Why not start today?

For easy ordering call toll-free: 1-800-000-0000. Or complete the coupon and mail it at once.”

3. It can’t______any easier than this. Just______and be______. You won’t believe the______or the______.

“It can’t be any easier than this Just click on this link and be using these techniques in a minute. You won’t believe the power…or the simplicity.”


1. So______. Like I said before, this is a limited______deal. I’ve pulled this______. I don’t intend on______either.

“So, order now. Like I said before this is a limited-time deal. I’ve pulled this gem out of my archives and lowered the price by $100 as a special service to you. I don’t intend on offering it forever either.”

2. If you are serious about______, you should______today! I don’t have too many______left! Thank you.

“If you are serious about losing weight, you should order my report today! I don’t have too many of them left! Thank you.”

3. By the way, my______is not all I’m going to______. Not by a long shot.

You see, if you______right away (within the next______) I will also_____.

“By the way, my videotape is not all I’m going to send you. Not by a long shot.

You see, if you order right away (within the next 48 hours) I will also send you two audio cassette tapes (one for men and one for women)…that… are guaranteed to put whoever listens to the “in the mood”…IMMEDIATELY!”

With these scripts I have given you, you already have half of the sales copy completed. And just imagine what could you do with hundreds of proven-to-convert scripts like this.

Well, I believe that you will use these scripts to write killer sales copy much, damn MUCH faster than you ever thought possible.


It can be really frustrating when a copywriting client gives you a 1-2 day deadline to write a sales copy and thinks that you can do everything in this short period.

But with the things I showed you, you can cut the writing time extremely and handle even the craziest deadlines the copywriting client can give you.

First of all, you should use killer copywriting formulas.

Because only rookies write from scratch, you need to use copywriting formulas so you will be able to skyrocket the speed of the writing process…

Two of these formulas are AIDA and P-A-S.

The next absolutely necessary thing is to build your own swipe file.

A swipe file is a collection of proven to convert copywriting examples. And it is easy to use your swipe file to craft your own high-performing sales copy in a short period.

The third and the most effective thing is to use proven-to-convert copywriting scripts. With them, you will be able to write the whole sales copy in a matter of hours.

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