What Is Copywriting And How To Learn It?

Well, can you answer? What is copywriting? Do you know the copywriting definition?

Most people don’t. And I heared even the most ridiculous answers on ’What is copywriting?’ question you ever thought possible…

Somebody thinks that it is writing copies of books.

Somebody thinks that it is copyright.

So I answered the question.

And when I said to somebody that it is closing in print…

You know what they tought?

That the closing means…something like closing a door! So, I had to explain to them that closing means selling…

Picture demonstrating how learning copywriting can generate tremendous revenue...

Copywriting is selling in print. That’s the good old definition. So now you know what is copywriting…

But did you know that…

…it is the only sane reason on earth why companies like Microsoft, Apple, Tesla sell so much stuff?

When you are writing a sales copy, you are trying to persuade them to take the desired action.

That’s why copywriting is so important.

Without it, you wouldn’t sell a thing.

To help you understand this…have you ever seen one of those TV ads, Facebook ads, or a sales page for some kind of product or service?

Have you ever bought a product or started using a certain service because you extremely desired that product or service after reading or watching the sales page or ad?

I would bet my whole home that you did!

Pouch with money made from copywriting.

You bought that product or service because a copywriter persuaded you to do so.

But don’t get me wrong. Copywriting is not about applying gimmicks, cheating people, and trying to persuade them to do something against their will…

As I said many times before to many people…that is IMPOSSIBLE!

For me, it is a truth well told.

But how do you start and learn copywriting?

Here are three copywriting tips that will extremely help you learn copywriting :

1. Build Your Own High-Quality Swipe File

Picture demonstrating how building your own swipe file helps to learn copywriting

The swipe file is a main source of inspiration for copywriters and marketers. And it will incredibly help you learn copywriting…

But what swipe file actually is?

Well, it is a collection of proven-to-convert sales copies, ads, opt-in offers, etc. that you can use to create your own sales messages.

Every great copywriter has his or her own swipe file.

You can go out and look for some sales letters from copywriting legends like Gary Halbert who unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

Or some letters, ads, etc. from John Carlton would be awesome.

You need to build up that swipe file. You can’t even imagine how useful it is.

You just take a phrase, put your own words in there, and VIOLA! That’s it.

2. Do Copywriting Exercises

Picture showing woman doing copywriting exercises and learning copywriting.

Another tip is to learn copywriting is to do exercises. Like in the gym.

But here you are not doing curls, you’re not lifting heavyweights.

You are training in a different way…

Copywriting exercises let you enhance your style, copywriting skills, and help you understand how top copywriters are thinking. It is one of the best ways to become better.

There are tons of these exercises, but here is one I absolutely love.

And it is so crazy experience that I’m not able to explain in words.

Here it is:

Take a few sheets of paper and the best-performing ad or sales letter in your swipe file.

And then handwrite the whole copy on the paper.

Do not type it on a laptop. HANDWRITE IT!

The moment you will handwrite the message it will engage your subconscious mind.

I don’t know how to explain it, but you will see in front of your eyes why the sales message you have chosen works…

You will see why the copywriter chose to use one call-to-action instead of another, why did he use this headline, opening, why it’s readable, etc.

It is crazy!

One little hint: The trick is in picking a short sales copy.

3. Read And USE Copywriting Books

Man reading a copywriting book.

For me, copywriting books are the best way to learn copywriting.

The only reason why I am where I am today is because of the books.

It is a cheap mine of gold. It contains so much money-making information that it is crazy! And it is cheap as hell!

Have you ever seen these copywriting courses like from Dan Lok (nothing against Dan Lok, he is awesome) that cost at least $50? And he tells there are just 3 copywriting secrets?

You can have a book for $9.99 and you will discover thousands of these…

Honestly, if you are not using books, you are truly a dummy and you should start using them right away! It is the single best way to learn copywriting and become great!

And one more thing. If you will read the books and immediately practice what’s inside…

You are just 3 copywriting books away from learning this high-income-skill.

You should start with “Web Copy That Sells!” from Maria Veloso.

If you don’t understand copywriting at all, after reading this book, I think you will become a copywriter.

I really hope you have found this post helpful. And keep pushing ’ya towards your dreams!

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